Monday, May 30, 2016

Sunday Drive in The Trough

I spent this past weekend at The Shack. Since it was a long holiday weekend, I felt I had more time to just relax.  As a result, I drove around to see some of the local sights.  I ended up wandering many miles away from "home" and saw some really beautiful things. Unbeknownst to me, I ended up on Trough Road - a road through an area with rich history and great natural beauty.  If you are ever in the area of Hampshire and Hardy Counties in West Virginia, you may want to plan to spend some time in The Trough.

What is "The Trough"

The Trough is a canyon that runs along the South Branch of the Potomac River in West Virginia. It was reportedly referred to as The Trough by George Washington in 1748. The West Virginia Explorer gives a bit more of the historic and current information about the area.  

Trough Road

I knew none of this information as I drove up and down the winding road. I marveled at the views from the high points and felt as though I were lost in some magical, mossy, fairy land in the bottom points. Unfortunately, I didn't think to stop and take photographs of the low lying areas; moss covered boulders in riverbeds, towering trees blocking the sun, and steep stone cliffs pushing near to the road.  But I did snap a few photographs at a high point in the road.  

Glorious views of a valley on one side and a cliff on the other side.

Slightly flatter section, with field and farm views. Lush farmlands in the valley.  Before dropping down into the lowest sections, with cliffs and creeks.

The Trough by Train

I knew that there is a scenic railway train located in Romney, West Virginia.  I had already added "ride the Potomac Eagle Scenic Railroad" on my list of things to do while at The Shack.  Only because I have a sentimental interest in trains.  I had no idea, until today, that this is the exact area that the train runs through.  What a sight this must be from a train!!

The Trough by River

Some of you are aware that I have a kayak. And near Baltimore, it is fairly easy to throw that thing on the Jeep and go kayak a nearby river. The most difficult part of kayaking in the area is getting that 'yak in and out of the apartment - up and down three flights of stairs.  I have seriously considered packing my kayak along with me, up to The Shack, as the South Branch of the Potomac is nearby. One of the main things that holds me back is not having someone to pick me up at the other end of my float down the river. Ah, if only the Jeep could drive itself.  

But I've found the solution. I drove past the Trough General Store on my Sunday drive. After looking it up when I returned to the apartment, I find that they offer all of the equipment needed (canoe or kayak rentals, equipment, and transport) as well as.... wait for it.. shuttle services for folks who own their own kayaks!  

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I guess I should educate myself more about what is in the area.  I may be missing out on many more breathtaking and awesome sights. I don't know about you, but I'm looking up some West Virginia travel books and information right now. 

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  1. I was born in West Virginia and lived there until I was 12. Reading this and looking at your pictures actually brought tears to my eyes. What a beautiful state! "Oh the West Virginia hills, how majestic and how grand..." I learned the state song in 4th grade and now it's going through my head. "Oh the hills, beautiful hills, how I love those West Virginia hills." Look for the West Virginia state song on YouTube if you want to hear it. Glad you enjoyed your drive!

  2. I will definitely look up the song. WV is a lovely, lovely state. I am blessed to be in the middle of finding my place there.

  3. Such gorgeous scenery in WV. I just realized that my son, who recently moved to Cincinnati, is now not that far from West Virginia. When he lived in Hagerstown, MD his favorite place to visit was Harpers Ferry, WV.

    1. Elf, I LOVE Harpers Ferry area and often drive across the bridges on the way to The Shack. Harpers Ferry is a special place.

  4. What wonderful and beautiful discovery! Amazing what we can find just out driving around an area close enough to reach in a few hours. The train ride sounds like it would be great and what a fantastic way to get to sit back and enjoy the scenery.

  5. Oh my gosh I admire your adventurous spirit! You are living life the way we all should. And the views are gorgeous - looks peaceful and glorious

  6. I would love to visit this canyon one day! Excellent post!