Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Greetings Traveler!

Photo by Dawn Rae - all rights reserved
Travels.  I am of the belief that the world is both a fearful and wondrous place. We can either hide from it or experience it. I think there is no greater gift than being outdoors. It is with this belief that I explore the natural world through hiking, camping, and my most recent accomplishment - kayaking. I will share my outdoor adventures with you and hope that you will be able to visit these places to. If you are unable to travel to the mid-Atlantic, I hope that I can help you travel here through my words and photographs.

Treasures. Speaking of gifts, who doesn't like to find material treasures now and then?  Some of my best purchases have been facilitated through the recommendations of friends.  I am far from the classification of a shop-a-holic, in fact I often try to avoid shopping, but I do like to make a wise purchase.  I plan to share reviews of my treasures with you and hope to find people who do the same. Many, but not all, of my reviews will be related to my outdoor adventures. 

Tales. I am beginning to live my dream of writing.  It is for that reason that I launch this new blog. I've enjoyed nearly a year of content writing on a platform that is now in the process of merging with another.  There are decisions to be made.  I will either explore the new platform as a result of the merger or I will jump ship and go about my business elsewhere. As a new content writer, I found this news to be devastating initially. But now I am filled with that nervous excitement that one experiences when a new journey of personal growth is beginning. 

Finally, I am blessed.  I will turn 50 this year. That is a tale of it's own, including a cast of characters of adult children, a grandchild, and women folk who are so supportive and kind that they are at risk of turning into extended family rather than friends.  Some days I complain of turning old but most days I feel as though life is just beginning.  There is still so much to learn, dreams to achieve, and the never-ending of tales to tell.

Welcome to my spot in the world.