Monday, February 23, 2015

My Grandbaby is Crazy About Cars

Disney's Pixar Cars Movies
It is a wonderful thing to watch your grandchild grow and develop a personality. In an article in ReviewThis! I wrote about my current favorite book to read to my grandson during video calls.  I also briefly mention his love for Cars, especially Lightning McQueen. His love of all things Cars is so strong right now that I decided to review some of his favorite items.  

Disney's Pixar Cars - the Movie

It is clear that Cars is his favorite movie.  After Gramma reads to him on Skype, he gives his Lightning McQueen book to his father to read to the two of us. He shows Gramma at least one Cars belonging during every video call.  I knew that he loved the movie but didn't know exactly how much until my son and and I were interrupted by the baby, nearly two, stomping into view.  My son shook his head and laughed.  It seems that my grandbaby had carried off the Cars DVD a few days prior and he just happened to find it while we were chatting. His excitement was clear.  The baby was running in place, he was so happy.  The movie was put into the DVD player and my grandbaby crawled up onto the couch to watch - happy as a clam.

Die-cast Lightning McQueen

Lightning McQueen

During my recent visit to their home, the baby and I played with Lightning McQueen die-cast cars. Now, months later, the baby still shows Gramma this car during nearly every chat.  These cars are durable and they are over-sized, perfect for his little hands to hold.

Disney Cars Easy Reader Books

Read Aloud Board Book

My son has purchased several Cars books for my grandson.  They range from simple board books to a 150 page paperback collection of Step Into Reading stories.  If your grandbaby likes Lightning McQueen and friends, there will be an appropriate book.

Cars T-shirts for Toddlers

Toddler Boys t-shirt
This boy loves his Cars shirts.  He often points to the different cars printed on the front of the shirts.  There's Lightning McQueen, he will show me. And I clap my hands and smile as he rushes off to get something else to show me. 

As a long distance grandparent, I am not familiar with all of his likes and dislikes, but it is easy to see that any gift or item related to Lightning McQueen and Cars will be  hit.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Wordless Wednesday - The Takeover

When you feel like you are no longer in control

This is my chair now.  Go ahead, move me. I dare you.
Sock? What sock?  I don't see no sock? Your sock? Nah, it's my sock now.  C'mon, chase me.

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Monday, February 16, 2015

Save Time and Money Shopping Bath & Body Works Online Store

I love to treat myself with soaps, lotions, and other treasures from Bath & Body Works. It is even more fun when I can purchase these products at a deep discount. Ordering online is quick and easy.  Watching for the coupons and specials save a great deal of money.  Let me tell you how your pampering is just a few clicks away.

Bath & Body Works - the Physical Store

We have a great little store just down the road, located in a very popular outdoor mall.  I love to go to the physical store if I am looking for a new fragrance. Or I want to test a new product.  That's a great thing about the Bath & Body Works stores, they typically have many samples. It takes the guesswork out of buying their products.  Our store is always clean and bright with nice displays. The employees are always friendly and quick to help. I have nothing bad to say about the store itself.

However, I do not enjoy going to malls during holidays, or other peak shopping times, because I don't like to fight the crowds. If I go to this particular store during the release of a blockbuster movie (there is a theater nearby) I have to search for parking and park a mile away from the store. And frankly, let's face it, I'm a lazy shopper and I would rather sit in my pajamas, at home, while shopping. 

Online Shopping

Originally, I used Amazon for my bath and beauty products. I didn't have any problems ordering from Amazon.  Then I began using the Bath & Body Works Website to buy my lotions and to order gifts during holidays and at special occasions.  I love the ease of shopping online and having my purchases, purchased on sale, delivered to my door.

The site itself is 

  •  easy to navigate
  • visually pleasing
  • sorts results in a large variety of ways (product, fragrance, price, and so on) making it easy to find what you need
  • shopping cart that is easy to use (no difficulty adding or deleting items in the cart)
  • no surprise fees or additional costs (the shipping choices are clearly priced and the tax is clearly shown)
  • SALES and promo codes
  • sign up for emailed notices of sales 

My Bath & Body Works Order

In just a few minutes, I took advantage of the current special. I knew about it because I'm on the email mailing list.  Instead of driving the 15 minutes one way, using gas, going out in the bad weather, I merely browsed the site.  There were a couple of sales in progress and I took advantage of the "buy three items and get three items free" promo.  

I paid $26 for six Bath & Body Works lotions and shower gels. I paid $5.99 for ground shipping and a bit over $1 for taxes for a total of $33.  The brick and mortar store would have offered the same product sale, but ordering online eliminated all hassles and costs associated with going out.
Perhaps you prefer to order your bath and beauty supplies from Amazon.  That works well too.  I have found discontinued fragrances on Amazon that I wouldn't have found offered on the official site. Either way, shipping is quick and my orders are handled reliably. In fact, this order from the Bath & Body Works site shipped on the same day that I placed my order. 

In a few days I will have my wonderful lotions and gels at half price. How awesome is that? My next order will replenish my supply of the wonderful aromatherapy lotions. If you aren't familiar with the B&BW aromatherapy line, you can learn more about them on ReviewThis!

Disclaimer: In affiliation with, Dawn Rae is a content writer who may earn compensation from the sale of these products

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Wordless Wednesday - Her Kingdom

Tuesday night. Her second night home and she was still recovering from surgery. But not that you could tell from her insistent requests to leave the large crate.  

"For a few minutes" I tell her. "Your tummy needs to heal."

Not that you know from watching her. I turned her loose in just the bathroom. Away from the dog and in a small space. She rubbed my legs. Jumped to the next highest vantage point. Back to my legs to rub. Then up a bit higher.  Not a bit timid.  She looked around as though she's checking to make sure everything is in it's place.

Tonight, she has explored the rest of the place, for a few minutes at a time.  As though she owns the place. Mittens the Queen.

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Disclaimer: In affiliation with, Dawn Rae is a content writer who may earn compensation from the sale of Amazon products.

Monday, February 2, 2015

Rescued - A Kitten's New Life Begins Today

Bringing a rescued pet home from the shelter produces a mixed bag of feelings. At least it did for me.  My kitten, Mittens, finally came home today. On the seemingly endless drive home, my thoughts raced. It seems that my feelings changed with each traffic light.

I already know that she is a "spirited" kitten, described as such by the shelter staff.  And the mystery of the adoption of Mittens deepened as her first homecoming was delayed after scratching the veterinarian. 

Today, the Vet Tech talked to me briefly, explaining that Mittens had also scratched her during this 10 day hold but it appeared to be a combination of playfulness, overly long nails, and being the type of cat that wants to be engaged and social but NOT be held.

I'm fine with that.

I was thrilled on the way home. Glad that she was finally mine.  I was relieved and thrilled that this kitten who bites and scratches won't be euthanized because she didn't seem adoptable.  Or adopted, misunderstood, and abused.

During this entire process, I've been more than a little scared that maybe I was biting off more than I could chew. I've had plenty of pets over my lifetime but this is my first formal rescue. I worried that rather than being a playful cat, she's a fearful cat, and won't be happy in my home. Oh the worrisome thoughts to think.

On the way home, she tried repeatedly to touch me from the carrier.  I swear she was saying, "Hey Lady, let me out!"  

I kept sticking my finger through the cage to pet her at stop lights, repeating to her, "We're almost home."  Followed by,  "Just five more minutes" (which my children learned to recognize as a little lie, but she doesn't know differently. Yet. Shh, don't tell her.)

Then I swear she said, just a little more loudly, "Hey Lady, I remember you. Let me out!  I won't scratch you, I promise." as she held out her paw, "I promise. See, they trimmed my nails."