Sunday, October 14, 2018

Japanese Maples at Eastwoods Nursery

My Japanese Maple: Osakazuki.
Yesterday I drove 2 hours, one way, to visit a nursery that specializes in Japanese Maples. Was the long drive worth it? YES! The drive was worth it for a variety of reasons; I found the maple I've been searching for, the drive took me through beautiful countryside, and the folks at Eastwoods Nursery in Washington, Virginia were extremely helpful. I am now the extremely happy owner of not one but three Japanese Maples that will soon be planted at The Shack.

Eastwoods Nursery

I found information about Eastwoods Nursery via online searches. I was looking for a large Japanese Maple selection and a specific type of tree.  I also needed small plants (for easy transport to The Shack) and small price tags. 

Eastwoods Nursery is located west of Washington, DC and near the foothills of the blue ridge mountains. The road signs indicated that I wasn't far from Skyline Drive and the Shenandoah National Park. My drive included both the Baltimore and D.C beltways. But once I got beyond those, the views were amazing.

You can contact Eastwoods Nursery via their facebook page and their Japanese Maples website

The website lists the types of trees, a bit of information about each tree, and prices based on pot size. Their website states:
"Welcome to Eastwoods Nurseries on-line catalogue and information center. We are a small, family run nursery. We grow Japanese Maples and a selection of conifers and ginkoes on our farm in the mountains of Virginia. We supply the collector and connoisseur, the designer, the landscape architect and the everyday gardener with these beautiful trees and the information needed to care for them throughout their lives"

The nursery is not open daily to the public. I found dates and times of the nursery open houses on their facebook page. You will also be able to find dates that Eastwoods Nursery may be at a location closer to you, offering their trees for sale. Finally, they list their phone number, are open by appointment, and are responsive to messages.

A large and beautiful bonsai

Just a few of the small and affordable plants available

The day wasn't the best weather for photos but I still took many photos of both the scenery and the plants in the nursery. You can see more photos here.

The Mysterious Maple Backstory

For years I had been trying to identify a Japanese Maple in a friend's yard. I love that tree and have wanted one just like it. I've tried to start my own after collecting the "helicopter" seeds from their yard. I was unsuccessful. I've emailed various nurseries and and posted photos on social media attempting to identify the tree. Also unsuccessful. 

Until now.

Finally, someone had helped me identify the tree. A helpful nursery owner told me that my mysterious, un-named tree is an Osakazuki (Acer Palmatum). Unfortunately, that helpful gentleman - owner of Honey Tree Nursery - is located in Canada and is not able to ship a tree to me. That is what led me to find Eastwoods Nursery. If you are in Canada, and looking for Japanese Maples, I recommend Honey Tree Nursery. If you are in the mid-Atlantic area, Eastwoods Nursery is the place to go.

I can't wait to plant my beautiful new Japanese Maples at The Shack.

A field of trees - at Eastwoods Nursery

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Travel: My Trip to Eastwoods Nursey in Photos

A leaf from the tree that started it all. 
I visited Eastwoods Nursery with purpose: to buy a small and affordable Osakazuki Acer Palmatum. A Japanese Maple tree. A specific type of Japanese Maple that I had spent several years looking for. 

I wrote about how I came to know the name of that mysterious maple the nursery here

The trip up to the nursery included a winding and scenic drive through a beautiful area of Virginia. Not far from Skyline Drive. The two hour drive to get to the nursery was worth it for the scenery alone.

It wasn't the best day for photos. It had been rainy and overcast. The sun didn't peek out until I was making my purchase and leaving the nursery. I decided to share the photos despite the poor lighting and weather. 

The countryside and the trees are the nursery itself are beautiful. And I want you to see a bit of what I saw.




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Monday, August 20, 2018

August Trip to The Shack

I recently went camping at The Shack. The dogs and I arrived Tuesday morning and left early Friday morning. I ALWAYS have big ideas when I go up and I rarely accomplish as much as I think I should. I have to work hard to convince myself to enjoy and live in the moment rather than bully myself for not getting enough done. I'm slowly learning to enjoy the views and just being up there on my land.

Other than the experience with the Flying Squirrel guest, I didn't have any one thing worth blogging about during this trip. So I'll give a summary and a few photos. I am really proud of the few things I did get finished.

Tuesday. Arrival. Put the Jeep into 4wd and bounced down the "yard" to The Shack. I came to a screeching stop mid-way down in order to stare at my lilac bush that had been stripped bare. Little toothpick-like stems with partial leaves were all that remained.

Aargh, the deer !!  The deer have ruined everything I've planted but the Paw Paw trees. I could have screamed.

Instead, I parked the Jeep. Opened the doors and windows and aired out The Shack. Swept the floor briefly to get rid of some dust and any bug carcasses (in the fall, there are hundreds of those ladybug-like bugs to sweep up). This time there weren't as many bugs to sweep up. Thank goodness.

I unloaded the things I brought.  A few groceries, a small cooler, a plastic tub that holds my clothes, hygiene items, kindle, shotgun, dog food, etc. 

Went back outside and stared at the poor lilac bush.

I thought to myself, "what would Misty Raney do?" (Misty Raney is my shero and she's the daughter on the show Homestead Rescue.  I just love her work ethic, gardening, and livestock-tending).  

I dug my overalls out of a storage bin, changed my clothes, and got to work "gathering"  8-12' skinny trees/logs with the plan to build a fence around my poor lilac/flower garden area. After all, I brought along a fig to plant - but that would be a waste of time if the deer will eat it. I need to fence in that flower garden area.

I gathered about three 12' skinny trees and four 8' trees and somehow carried them up the slope from the woods to the yard. 

those trees will make excellent fence posts

I was hot and exhausted by then. So I puttered around, admiring the Monarch butterflies, pulling some invasive garlic mustard, and trying to identify the grass that I think is invasive Japanese Stiltgrass.  I admired the giant dying poison ivy vines that I cut away at during my last visit.

Then it began to pour.  Really, really pour. An afternoon gully-washer.

I put my baby pool and my dishpan out on the deck to catch the rain. And I put multiple pans on the floor inside to catch the rain. I used the water I catch outside for bathing, washing dishes, etc. And with it raining almost as hard inside as it was outside, I decided that no matter what, I needed to make an attempt to repair the roof.

I make use of any rain that falls - Fig in the green planter; waiting to be planted

I read The Language of Flowers during the rainstorm that afternoon. And during subsequent rainstorms. But when it wasn't raining over the next two and a half days, I removed 4 full and 2 part pieces of problem tin. And then replaced it.  It was not easy work for me. But I did it!  I felt very accomplished. 

There was another pouring rain storm before I left. And there were no observed leaks inside!  YAY! The rickety Shack has a temporarily repaired roof. 

roof repair in process

Thursday afternoon was insanely hot. The breeze had changed directions - the ridge blocking any chance of breeze from The Shack. It was 90 - 100 degrees inside. A migraine came with the changing weather. The dogs and I were all pretty miserable.

When it gets that hot, the dogs and I hop in the Jeep, turn on the air, and take a ride to either the river or a historic wooded area nearby. It's a delicate balance with the dogs. People give me dirty looks sometimes - for having the dogs in the Jeep in the summer. But little do people know that it's hotter in The Shack. 

We returned when the sun started to lower and the trees created shade. 

Friday morning, I expected that the day would be just as hot as the day before so I packed up to leave. I left the Fig plant in the planter on the deck and I hope I get back up there soon enough to plant it and erect some sort of fence for it and the lilac.

I planted two paw paw trees that I had successfully started from seeds. So far, the deer do not touch the paw paw trees.  I have two planted in the yard and now two planted in the woods. Yes, I have to use a pickax to plant things at my place.

Paw Paws!

Then I headed back to the apartment. Driving out slowly and admiring the view. I always love seeing the fog below. 

I was anxious for a good soak in the tub... but missing The Shack already.  

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Sunday, August 19, 2018

Flying Squirrel Visitor at The Shack

During this last camping trip at The Shack we had a visitor in the middle of the night. Noises in the night are nothing new up there. After all, it is a ramshackle, off-grid camping cabin on top of a West Virginia ridge. I find it very hard to believe that there hasn't been more than mice visitors inside already. And there are always noises underneath the building in the middle of the night. Those noises lead my imagination to think of opossum, raccoon, ground hogs, and one time I imagined bear cubs!  But thus far, the only furry visitors we've had inside are mice.

During this trip I woke in the dark of night and heard little scratchy feet pattering around inside. The noises were so soft that the dogs didn't even stir. I fell back to sleep.

A bit later, the dogs shot out from under the sleeping bag and started "hunting". (Willy is a squirrel dog and Daisy is a rat terrier - both breeds hunt/chase/kill rodents).  The dogs were alerted, but not frantic so I suspected a mouse and I went back to sleep.

Off and on through the night, the dogs alerted and hunted. Then I noticed, shining a flashlight around, that they dogs were "looking up" (it's what squirrel dogs do to alert to the squirrel up a tree).

OH MAN! That scared me. That probably meant a bat hanging from the rafters !!! I nearly fainted just at the thought (I love bats outdoors. Inside, they cause me a pretty severe panic attack). 

I shone the light and tried to focus my eyes - to see a big pair of eyes staring back. YIKES!  And.. fur. Not like bat fur. Oh no! Is it a opossum? That option is as scary as a bat to me. Opossums freak me out. After focusing my eyes... I see that it is a baby squirrel. Or a chipmunk. Up in the very corner of the ceiling. 

I called the dogs off and went back to sleep.

In the morning, the little creature ran across the ceiling (upside down at times) and ran to hide behind the mattresses that were left leaning up against the wall by the previous owners.

My dilemma was that I needed to go to town to get ice, to prevent my food from spoiling. If I left that baby squirrel or chipmunk alone with my rodent dogs, they'd kill it. I like that they kill the mice but I didn't see any reason for them to kill a chipmunk. The weather was too hot to take the dogs along and leave them in the Jeep while I did my shopping. So I focused on chasing the critter outside.

During that fiasco of trying to get it outside, I noted that the little squirrel had flaps - a little ruffle that looked like a skirt. It was a flying squirrel! I don't think I've ever seen one before. How exciting. 

It took me a long time to convince the little creature to go outside. It went out on the deck twice and twice came right back inside. I finally got it outside a third time and stood in the doorway telling it to go away. Several times, it looked like it was going to launch from the back of the porch swing to inside. 

But then the little guy (or gal) launched off the deck and flew down the hill to the tree.

It was a wonderful experience to meet this little creature. And I need to educate myself on the species. If it has a nest in The Shack I suspect it's nest is in the area between the plywood and the siding - and it found a way inside this time.

I hope it remains - I just hope it doesn't continue to expose itself to the dogs.  

the brown fuzzy blur near the center of the photo is the flying squirrel while flying

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Sunday, August 12, 2018

Treasures: the Under The Sea Crochet Project

My Under the Sea blanket in process.
I am working on a special project. I am making a crocheted blanket for my oldest grandson. My ideas for personal crocheted blankets for my youngest two grandchildren came easily. But I just wasn't sure what to make for my oldest. Finally, I saw a sea turtle blanket pattern, discussed ideas with my son, and decided to an under-the-sea blanket. 

I am enjoying this project and I wanted to share the patterns I've found with you. My crochet skills are beginner to moderate so it is important to me to find easy-to-understand patterns and tutorials. And these patterns fit the bill.

The Ocean Waves Blanket

I chose the Gentle Gradient Ripple blanket tutorial and pattern by Underground Crafter because - once I got started - it was a very easy ripple for me to complete. And the finished product has more of a "wave" than a "zigzig" ripple appearance.

For some reason, I had a complete mental block at starting with the "multiples of 14 plus 12" beginning. But once I got past figuring out the math to get the width I wanted for my yarn, gauge, and hook size, the pattern was easy peasy.

My project isn't yet finished but I am including a photo so I can also list the colors (in part so I don't forget if I want to make a 2nd blanket).  The blue and green on the right will mirror the browns on the left. Then the blanket will be finished.

RedHeart Super Saver Yarn colors left to right: Cafe Latte, Buff Fleck, Denim, Real Teal, Jade, and Turqua.
hook size:  K

nearly finished under the sea blanket

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Crocheted Fish Applique Pattern

I wanted a simple and not too cartoonish fish applique. I have great difficulty with flower applique's so I wasn't very optimistic about being able to do the applique's for the blanket.

But this crochet fish applique pattern by Crochet Jewel: Amy's Creative Creations was exactly what I was looking for AND easy enough for me to do. Her tutorial includes the written pattern as well as a video tutorial. 

This is one of my finished fish (mine is 4" long).

Caron Simply Soft yarn: Grey Heather and Snow Sparkle
hook size: F

my finished white fish applique

Crocheted Sea Star (aka "starfish") Applique Pattern

I wanted to crochet a "star" that looked like a star fish (my grandson corrects me... they are called Sea Stars. Smiley face here). I wanted the star fish legs to look like star fish legs, and not the point of the star.  

I got the look I wanted with the pattern by Crafty Little Chickie in her crochet large star video tutorial.

Caron Simply Soft yarn: Baby Sunshine
hook size: F

my finished star fish applique

The Blanket Pattern by Mandy That Sparked My Blanket

I would be remiss if I didn't mention the blanket that really got me motivated about this under-the-sea project. 

Made By Mandy has a crochet Baby Sea Turtle Blanket pattern that is ADORABLE! Her beach, waves, and ocean colored blanket with the baby turtle applique's was what helped me visualize my blanket version. 

On my version, I may or may not add the turtles. I also may or may not add some seaweed. I will try to remember to update this post with a photo of the finished project.

My oldest grandson loves sea creatures. He's already a walking encyclopedia about sharks, urchins, fish, and virtually every underwater creature you can imagine. I am thrilled that I finally have a blanket in progress for him and I hope he enjoys it as much as I've enjoyed creating it for him.

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Monday, August 6, 2018

Making Homesteading Dreams Come True - Visualizing and Positive Thinking, part 2

My homestead dreams are coming true.
Of all people, I am not one that should be a land owner. But I am. Being this far along in the process of making my homesteading retirement dreams come true has happened in large part through visualizing and positive thinking. I am convinced that I am currently buying my land through the law of attraction.

In part 1 of Visualizing and Positive Thinking I tried to give a brief introduction to some of the general ideas of visualizing, positive thinking, and the law of attraction - and gave links to the experts. I am no expert on these things. And frankly, my personality tends toward anxious and grumpy. If there is a disaster that could occur, I'm often fairly convinced that it will occur. That fear is sometimes paralyzing. And I believe that fear attracts more disasters than it prevents. I'm slowly trying to move away from that type of anxious and negative thinking in general.

I believe The Shack is proof of my moving away from claiming disasters and toward allowing the law of attraction to work in my life.

Land Owning Daydreams and The Shack Visualized

For years, I have "daydreamed" about buying land and moving back to a rural setting. Over those years, I spent much free time looking at the realty sites that show land for sale. I had thoughts such as "If this was mine, I'd put the barn next to that grove of trees" or "if this was mine, I'd build the house there."

Through regular, almost daily, looking at the land for sale ads, I became aware of locations, prices, availability, and etc. I knew which areas offered parcels of land that met my needs. I narrowed it down to four or five counties across West Virginia. Some people would say this is mere research. That is partially true - it was research. But it was also more than that. I book marked my favorites and looked at them several times a week. I visualized living in the future on a piece of land.

The Shack was one of those bookmarked favorites. And it sat empty, listed in the land-for-sale ads for a long time. I now think it was waiting for me. As it sat empty, I imagined living in it. Day after day I thought what it might be like to have that place - and those views - to myself. I looked at the online ad for The Shack and imagined where I'd put the garden, imagined where I'd put the house, and imagined shoveling snow there. I imagined different floor plans that would be perfect for that ridge. As each season changed, I imagined living in that season on that ridge.

But I was just day dreaming. Passing time. I was in no position to buy. Sometimes I berated myself for wasting time looking at something that could never be mine. But usually, I happily imagined being there.

I dreamt of living in the country. But these views were beyond my wildest dreams.

The Shack Manifested

For years I daydreamed only. Then things suddenly changed. My income didn't increase. My bills didn't decrease. My credit score was still garbage. But my job changed which meant a move with my 401k. I talk about that a bit in previous posts, so I won't rehash it here (you can find the link at the end of this post). Please know that I am NOT advocating you cash out your retirement plan. But I needed to. And because I needed to, and because I had visualized my other retirement plan, I did buy land for my future with part of that money. 

I had already been daydreaming about land in West Virginia for years. 

I was choosing West Virginia for the following reasons:

  1. low cost per acre
  2. availability of unrestricted land
  3. proximity to Maryland (I could still work and commute if needed)
  4. closer to family in Indiana than Baltimore (where I currently live)
  5. mountainous

My deal-breaker must-haves
  1. little to no building restrictions and community rules (unrestricted was my preference)
  2. able to have chickens (hence the wish for unrestricted)
  3. space - no neighbors on top of me

And I needed inexpensive land. In fact, financially speaking, I had no business thinking about buying land - I was not (and am not) in financial position to buy land. But things are working out and moving forward.
My rock. My land. 

I swear, in hindsight, The Shack sat empty and waited for me. It met my must-have list and more. I only had to visit in person to immediately know that it was meant to be. I physically claimed it as mine that day - and garbage credit score be damned - The Shack became mine. 

Dropping the Worry, Guilt, and other Negative Thoughts

One very important thing I had to do was drop the worry and the guilt. The worry that I couldn't do it (i.e. imagining the disasters) and the guilt that I didn't deserve it. Somehow I think other people deserve to live their dreams but that I don't deserve it. But thankfully, in relation to The Shack, I've dropped that guilt. I deserve it as much as the next person. Period. Not more than the next person. But the same as the next person. We all deserve to have our dreams come true.

Dropping the guilt and negative thoughts makes room to enjoy life. Without the worry I am able to notice the beauty in the world and the good things that are happening. Dropping the negative thoughts allows the good things to continue to happen.

This butterfly landed on my door and watched me, as I watched it.
Be sure to take time to watch the beauty around you.

Law of Attraction and the Doing

Now, the naysayers of wish boards and laws of attraction sometimes say that these approaches allow people to think that they can stick a wish board up on the fridge and sit and wait for it to happen. 

But it's not like that. Not for me anyway. I looked at my wishes, over and over and over. Then, when the door opened to the possibility, I walked through. I did the work. I contacted a realtor, I physically walked the available parcels of land, I worked with the bank, and I bought the land. 

I don't believe the law of attraction and visualizing is about sitting doing nothing, and waiting for things to fall in your lap. I believe that it is about visualizing your dreams - whether your inner worrier lets you think it's feasible or not - then being prepared when the law of attraction opens the door. And responsibly walking through that door.

I do believe that the law of attraction led me to the correct realtor, the correct bank, and somehow greased the wheels to being approved for a loan. I believe that the law of attraction kept The Shack on the market for me. 

I wanted a yard with bluebirds. I have a yard and bluebirds.

Why I am Attempting to Share this Way-Out-There Topic

I am writing this because I want others to feel more confident about claiming their dreams. I am a firm believer that if I can do it, you can too. I do not have access to extra money. Financially, things are tighter than skinny jeans - and without that spandex stretch! I've been living paycheck to paycheck (or less) for my entire life. I'm anxious. I worry. I do not have the make-it-happen personality. All of these things could hold me back. If I let them.

I watch people say that their dreams (homesteading specifically) will never happen because they are too old, too fragile physically, and too broke financially. I hope to encourage them to dream. To visualize. And to move toward their dreams. 

Of all people, I should not be a land owner. But I am. It is happening. Because I'm dreaming it and doing it, the laws of attraction are at work.

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The year 2015 was the year of enormous changes. Of beauty and blessings that are beyond words and of heart-wrenching sadness. I ended that post with: 

"There was not a nice and tidy linear timeline of events as each change completely intertwined with the next. Each event led me forward to today. And today is full of promise and love."

It was the year The Shack came to me. And today continues to be full of promise and love. Life is good. 

Read the brief summary of that year here

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Saturday, August 4, 2018

Making Homestead Dreams Come True - Visualizing and Positive Thinking, part 1

Someday, this will be my everyday view.
There are some important but intangible pieces to the process of making my homestead dreams come true that I'd like to share. However, it is far easier for me to try to describe the tangible things - which is why I wrote my post "Making Homestead Dreams Come True - Claim It" before I wrote this post on visualizing it. Describing the act of putting a rock in my pocket is far easier than trying to explain my beliefs about visualization. However, in the order of things, the visualizing came before the claiming. And visualizing was (and still is) a very important piece of my homestead dreams journey.

I don't think I would already own my land without first visualizing it. But first, a bit more about visualizing dreams in general - from the experts.

Vision Boards and Wish Boards

I am not certain, but I believe vision boards originated the the book The Secret (published in 2007).  I hesitate with attributing that book as the origin of vision boards because people have saved photos of things they dream about of for my entire life (i.e. brides-to-be saving photos of their dream wedding gown is a quick example). But for the purposes of this writing, I am going to use The Secret as the origin.

The Secret

The idea in The Secret is that with the law of attraction, we attract things to us based on what we project. We can focus our thoughts on things/dreams and that helps us move ourselves toward those things/dreams. Those things/dreams can be a dream job, car, and in my case my dream home site and retirement plan.

There are MANY naysayers to this philosophy. Over the years I've read that it is victim-shaming (i.e. what about people with cancer... did they not put out good enough thoughts?) and that it is lazy (i.e. paste pictures to a board then sit and wait... staring at the pictures and doing nothing) and that it is all a money scam - making the writer of books such as The Secret rich (true - it has sold many, many, MANY copies).   I can completely understand those points but I am not in the naysayers camp.  

I think there is a good bit of truth to the visualization and positive thoughts/law of attraction. We all know the people who make a complaint every time they open their mouth. And we all see that those people have more things in their lives to complain about. We all feel that those people are a drag to be around. They bring us down.  I don't see that as a put-down. Frankly, I tend heavily toward the complainer type. I am anxious and my tendency is to focus on the negative "what-ifs". But it is a fact that when I spend time with less focus and energy on the complaints and the negative "what-ifs", life goes better. If I have a vision board, it is easier to focus on the good possibilities and goals, and stay away from the negative thoughts and complaints.

Be a critical thinker and form your own opinions about The Secret. And choose the path that is the best for you. That's what it's all about.  

The Secret website is here.

I took this photo when I had the thought that 
someday my "camping" trips to The Shack will not have to end. 
Someday I won't have to look at it in my mirror as I drive off.

The Chopra Center

The Chopra Center focuses on self-awareness and using that awareness to "close the gap between who you are and who you want to be." Deepak Chopra, David Simon, and friends also practice and preach the philosophy of the law of attraction.  

There are many, many articles, videos, and events to choose from on their site. I'm finding myself getting lost in things I want to see and read. Again, I am FAR from being expert in the law of attraction and if you are interested, I encourage you to read those articles that have been written by others. 

Their brief article Vision Board 101: How to Use This Manifestation Tool explains how to think about and use a vision board. 

Another brief article Intention, Attention, No Tension: 3 Tips to Master the Law of Attraction very much captures how it went with buying my land.

The Chopra Center website is here

Prayer and Faith by Religion

I witness a good number of people who use prayer and their faith in a similar way; putting out good vibes and claiming positive things. I am not very religious. So I hesitate even trying to describe what I see with those who are. And I'm not referring to the judgemental folks who are focused on my sins. I am referring to those who are faithful, content, and living their best lives; putting out those good vibes to all of the rest of us.

The best example of this is a guy in a gardening/homesteading group I belong to. He spends his days planting his garden, visualizing what it may look like and praising God with how well it's turning out. This man does not complain about the floods nor the heat waves. He is just filled with faith that things are awesome and he continues about his days. And his days are awesome. 

I think people like this are excellent examples of  people quietly and honestly living in faith and visualizing the good in their days. And I am convinced because they focus on the things they are thankful for, they end up with more things to be thankful about. If that makes sense.

I am Convinced that Visualization and the Law of Attraction Helped me Buy The Shack

I have not even scratched the surface about the law of attraction and how the experts use visualization, positivity, and faith to move their lives in the direction they want to go. You will have to decide for yourself if visualization and positive thinking will help you reach your goals in life.

I believe 100% that visualizing my dreams and having positive thoughts about my goals have been a huge factor in getting me to where I am. I don't believe I'd already own my little piece of land and The Shack without visualizing and the laws of attraction.

Because I've yammered on for a long time already, I will try to describe how I use (and used) visualization and the law of attraction to get where I am in the next post.  And frankly, I was using the law of attraction without thinking about it.... and only in hindsight am I realizing how powerful those behaviors were.

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