Saturday, May 21, 2016

Keeping Watch

Just who is watching whom? In this age of selfies, body cameras, and cameras everywhere, it is certainly hard to tell sometimes. This morning I realized that I nearly forgot to share these "surveillance" photos with you. I found that as I am watching them at The Shack, they seem to be watching me. Watching me more closely than I would have imagined. These aren't the best photographs, but they make me smile every time. I like my curious visitor.

I shared my Moultrie game camera review on Review This! not so long ago.  My initial placement of the camera was in the edge of my yard at The Shack.  Two visits ago, I moved the camera to a pretty little clearing in the woods.  During my last visit, I found this curious young one inspecting the situation before wandering off. 

I chose to stay at the apartment this weekend.  I have things I need to do, it is a rainy weekend, and I remain home some weekends just to conserve gas and money.  But I found that as I was opening my eyes before sunrise, I was thinking about The Shack and all of my guests who may be visiting while I am away. I am so happy that I purchased the Moultrie and that it is up there serving as my guestbook while I am away. 

I hope you enjoy this glimpse of my pretty little clearing in the woods.  


  1. Such a cute little visitor, and a beautiful place to visit! Still considering getting one of those game cameras.

  2. What fun to see who (or what) came by while you were gone, especially when your neighbors are mostly of the 4-legged kind. :)

  3. What a treasure of photos of your visitor at the Shack! Indeed, the camera makes for a perfect guestbook while you're away.

  4. A wonderful way to get acquainted with your new neighbors.

  5. Your shots are nice and clear! I honestly didn't expect the photos to be as vivid. I still want a game camera for our yard. It will be quite fun for you to discover who has been there to play while you have had to stay home and work.