Sunday, April 3, 2016

My Sun Nurseries Discovery and Review

Cherry Blossoms
I have discovered a nursery and garden center that I had never visited previously. While I always enjoy visits to garden centers, I had such a great experience in this green wonderland that I have to spread the word and recommend it to you. If you are local and have any landscaping or gardening needs, large or small scale, I suggest you head to Sun Nurseries, Woodbine, Maryland.

My first visit was on a chilly and drizzling day in April.  But it was still the most productive and fun nursery visit I've experienced.

My Search for an Old Fragrant Rose

My search for new-to-me nurseries began with my purchase of my retirement home and land.  With that land, and room to plant my own plants, I have realized how much I miss a rose bush that resided in my yard many, many years ago.  I am searching for a very specific plant but since I'm not knowlegeable about roses, I'm having a hard time finding someone who can help me.

It goes something like this; 
I'm looking for a rose bush... it had glossy, thick leaves. The flowers were about 2-3" across, deep crimson, and bloomed continuously through summer and into the fall.  The buds looked like typical rosebuds, but the flowers opened and looked a lot like zinnias. 
The smell was wonderful and I could smell it across the yard and into the house.  It may have started with a "trunk" of sorts, but spread quickly with long canes.  Oh yes, it was full of thorns. 
Another bit of information is that I owned the house many years ago.  The women who sold the house to me had been born there, and lived there into their 60s and 70s. The plants there had been planted many years prior to me owning the home.  
Do you know what type of rose this may have been? 
I know, I know. Almost impossible to identify a plant with this description. (By the way, my last trip home to my home state, I swung by that old house and had planned to ask to take some cuttings.  Alas, the rose bush is long gone). Folks at garden centers usually attempt to be kind and attentive, but then give me an answer that isn't very thoughtful.  I can tell.

At Sun Nurseries, I quickly went through my spiel.  Really, I wanted to just keep looking at rose plants and see if I can find something similar on my own.

Rosa Hybrida "Golden Showers" Climbing Rose
The Sun Nursery employee, I wish I could recall her name, did not know what I was referring to. But, she gave me great advice; check with the Rose Society, consider that it was a climbing rose without a support, etc. And she went and found every information card they had that would be similar. That way I could at least research the roses that will be in stock as the days warm.  

I will research the roses they have coming and continue to be hopeful that I'll find my fragrant, thorny red rose. In the meantime, I wandered around and adopted this sweet little rose. 

Trees and Shrubs: Planning for The Shack

Currently, I live in an apartment and have a very small container garden on the balcony each year. But, I am excited to be able to plan "landscaping" for the land at my Shack. I am hoping to plant both beautiful and useful plants. I am not an organized gardener. I am currently wandering nurseries to see what is available and researching on the internet to be as informed as I can.  

Sun Nurseries has every sort of tree and shrub I can imagine.  And so many varieties of each.  Outside of a Japaneese Maple, I am hoping to stay fairly close to plants that would be native to West Virginia (the location of my land).

I wish I could find information about how many acres of plants are on display at Sun Nurseries.  The rows continued, often, for as far as I could see. I tried to remain focused on only the plants I may want to plant on my land and I wandered for hours looking at their endless selections of:

  • Paw Paw
  • Persimmon
  • Mountain laurel
  • Rhododendron
  • Azalea 
  • Lilac
  • Evergreens 

Items for my Budget Balcony

I write elsewhere about my balcony and container gardening.  My visit at Sun Nurseries was meant to remain focused on researching plants for my property. But I have to say that I did purchase a small mint plant that has been added to my balcony garden.  I also made mental note of many plants and items that would be perfect for a container garden. Including wonderful small hen and chick or strawberry planters!

Wish List: Amazing Stone Items 

Sun Nurseries carries carved stone items from Stone Age Creations.  Many of these items were displayed and included; Boulder Owls, bird baths, and benches. I've added some of the big ticket items to my "maybe someday" wish list.  There were also many sculptures and garden ornaments by a variety of artists. I will not ramble on trying to describe these beauties. Instead, I'll just include a couple of photographs.

Stone Age Boulder Owls

How to Find Sun Nurseries, Woodbine, Maryland

Their physical address is:

    14790 Bushy Park Road
    Woodbine, MD 21797
     Phone: (410) 442-2090  *  (301) 854-6107  *  (310) 820-3000

Sun Nurseries on Facebook  

Sun Nurseries, Inc Website

Summary of Reasons to Visit Sun Nurseries

  • HUGE selections - many species of plants and trees & many varieties of the species 
  • Helpful staff -  Not overbearing - they are willing to allow you to wander for hours.  Knowledgeable - they are able to answer questions.  Honest - I was talked out of a potential sale because it wasn't known to do well in my area.  
  • Prices are inline with prices at every other nursery I've visited. Frankly, as soon as I parked, everything was so attractive that I expected inflated prices. However, all of the plants that I've been pricing online and at local nurseries were similarly priced.
  • Many gorgeous stone items
  • A nice place to visit


  1. Lilacs and roses remind me of the farmsteads from my childhood. I have both here at my place and it just feels so right and homey. Hoping the hard freeze this week didn't hurt the buds on my lilac bush.

    1. I hope your lilacs stayed warm enough! Yes, lilacs feel so homey to me too. Not at all sure they are close to "native" in the Appalachian mountains...but it is a bush I feel I must try to have up there.

  2. A lovely description of Sun Nurseries. I hope you shared this wonderful article with them. Like Diana, I LOVE lilacs. I have a marvelous childhood memory of the two lilac bushes outside our home in Williamson, NY when I was 6, 7 and 8. They were located directly either side of the back door as you exited the house into the back yard. One bush was lavender and one was white. I absolutely love lilacs to this day. Williamson is located not far from Rochester, NY (where I also lived for a time). Rochester is home to the famous Lilac Festival held each Spring when the lilacs bloom. Begun in 1890, there are now over 1200 lilac bushes and they are beautiful. Good luck finding your favorite rose bush.

  3. It is truly wonderful to have a reliable and competent nursery close by. I have one here too that I enjoy visiting. Since they plant, nurture and grow plants, flowers and trees that will flourish in our region, I am assured a more reliable garden myself.

    I hope you find your rose! It sounds beautiful. when you find it, I am sure we would all like to know the name too.