Monday, December 22, 2014

Author Dawn Lesley Stewart

I enjoy books. I enjoy reading good books.  It is always a bonus when I find good books in unexpected places.

I found good books, and their author, unexpectedly on a writing site that is described as "macro-blogging" and a "social-ecosystem".  To me, that translates to posts that consist of socializing, blurbs about people's lives and daily living, and opinion pieces.  I don't really read that site to find published books to add to my to-read list.

On that site, I follow the posts of a woman who quilts. I enjoy reading about her quilting activities because it reminds me of my grandmother who was an avid quilter.  I was surprised when I followed the link in her profile to a site that lists her published books. It was exciting to find that I've been trading comments with someone who is published.

Dawn Lesley Stewart has published a children's book and a fantasy novel. I have now read them both.

photo courtesy of Amazon
Harriet's Horrible Hair Day.  This is a tale of Harriet's unruly hair. The adventures that her brother and sister take her on in order to tame the wild curls made me laugh. The vocabulary and sibling dynamics were age appropriate. A child's focus on bothersome hair is something we probably all could tell a story about. I kept waiting for the scissors to come out.  Fortunately, the hair problem came to an end without a pair of shears. The illustrations by Michael P White are imaginative and beautiful. 

photo courtesy of Amazon
Mist-Seer. This is a well-written and fast-moving fantasy novel. Fantasy is not typically my favorite genre as some authors have trouble tying up all of the loose ends in a way that makes sense to me. But this story about Lacee, Tyler, and Maddox rang true to me even though it was fantasy.  Lacee can see into the past via touch.  Tyler has ownership of a tar-tung. And Maddox, he has his own unique set of problems.  

It was unclear what time period the story was set in.  The mode of transportation were wagons drawn by beasts and apprentice stable boys cared for these beasts. I felt as though the story occurred centuries ago. And yet, precious gems and time travel give the story a futuristic flavor.  The author does a great job of creating this world that draws you in so deeply that you don't question it.  I felt as though I've always known what a tar-tung is. And as though I've ridden in a wagon drawn by a willa beast. 

If you are looking for a whimsical children's book or an entertaining fantasy novel for yourself, I recommend these books to you.  Thank you Dawn Lesley Stewart for entertaining me.

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  1. They both sound like wonderful books! Thank you for the reviews and recommendations.

  2. Thank you for the comment and visit. Harriet and her hair are now with my Grandson. That makes me happy.