Saturday, December 20, 2014

A Review of McElligot's Pool

"Oh, the sea is so full of a number of fish, 
If a fellow is patient, he might get his wish" -- Dr. Seuss
McElligot's Pool photo by Amazon
McElligot’s Pool is a wonderful story that was written and illustrated by Dr. Seuss in 1947. While I love everything I know about Seuss and his books, I especially love this story. The magnificently optimistic Marco takes me with him on his fishing adventure.

The Facts
  • Theodor Geisel was born on March 2, 1904.
  • Dr. Seuss is his pen name.
  • And to Think That I Saw it on Mulberry Street was his first book published, in 1937
  • A character named Marco appeared in that first book
  • Marco made his second appearance in 1947, in McElligot’s Pool.
  • McElligot’s Pool is dedicated to Theodor’s father “The World’s Greatest Authority on Blackfish, Fiddler Crabs and Deeged Trout.”
McElligot’s Pool was written in 1947 and was the sixth book written and published by Seuss. I learned today that this is the first book that Seuss used watercolors to create the illustrations. Due to concerns about cost, Random House decided to publish the book half in black and white, and half in these watercolor illustrations.
The Feelings
I have always enjoyed this book. Marco sits on the bank of the pond, hopeful, with his fishing pole. I feel warm, comfy, and dreamy when I read the story of the little boy informing the naysayer that there just might be...
I can remember times fishing with my father, at a very early age, hanging my head over the side of the row boat, imagining the things that may be lurking under the surface. At times I imagined fun and fantastical things, other times I imagined things that made me fearful. But I always imagined.
I loved the times my dad let me go with him fishing. It was an interest we shared. And it was the thing that children crave so much, not necessarily the fishing but the time given from an adult.
As an adult, I realize I have learned a few lessons.
I have learned that it is important to give my time to a child. I know that imagination is a beautiful thing, and I attempt to nurture creativity. Finally, and most importantly, I have learned that although it has become more difficult to ignore the naysayers, I should continue to ignore them, because it just might be...

For more Dr. Seuss 

 The Secret Art of Dr. Seuss was published in 1995. It is a short, coffee table book that displays the previously private artwork of Theodor Geisel. At the time of this writing, this book is rated with 5 stars on Amazon and is highly recommended.

Dr Seuss's Beginner Book Collection contains five of my favorite beginning reader books.  I especially look forward to reading Red Fish, Blue Fish and Hop on Pop to my grandson. The other stories included are: Cat in the Hat, Green Eggs and Ham, and Fox in Socks

Dr. Seuss books will never lose their appeal. What a great way to spend time with children, creating memories and enjoying the fantastical lands of Seuss.

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  1. Oh, I love Seuss and McElligot's Pool too! This is one of my favorite Seuss of the sea books for kids... Yes, I do believe it MIGHT be a pool that leads to a brook that leads to the sea!

  2. Interesting facts about the book, especially about the illustrations. I can't imagine a kid growing up these days without a few Dr. Seuss books!

  3. This is an awesome book and everyone loves Dr. Seuss!

    I was also struck by your words. Parents never know just how much that time spent together doing the simplest everyday things can actually mean to their children and how much the children are learning by just sharing. Even the children may not realize it until they are much older.

  4. I think McElligot's Pool is one I haven't gotten to yet. I love what you said about the importance of parents spending time with their children. We actually never know how many more times we will be able to do that.