Monday, December 10, 2018

Santa Claus Snowglobe Synchronicity

Ms. Pauline's snowglobe. 
After stopping at an estate sale this summer, I was reminded of the magic of snowglobes and of what a magical holiday decoration they can be. 

In my review of snowglobes on Review This! I highlight some of the many different seasonal pieces to choose from. And why they make great gifts and holiday decorations. But in this post, I want to talk about the synchonricity that has fanned the embers of my snowglobe passion.

Snowglobes of Christmases Past

Many years ago I had a small collection of high-quality, Christmas snowglobes. Over the years, and for a variety of reasons, that snowglobe collection dwindled. I was very young when I received my first snowglobe. And my children were so young when I owned my collection that they probably don't even remember the globes featuring Santa and his magic (flying reindeer, bags full of toys, and trips down chimneys).

Over time, I'm left with only one or two snowglobes. And they've been put away in storage for safe keeping. Add to that the fact that I'm not much into holiday decor. I just don't bring out decorations. I never decorated very much when my kids were young. Now that they are grown and flown from the nest I've gotten very lazy when it comes to decorating. I just don't.

Recently, during a drive home from The Shack, I impulsively stopped at an estate sale at a home on a winding country road. The road was so curvy that I missed the sign and drove past. Having never stopped at an estate sale before, I surprised myself that I felt the need to find a place to turn around and go back.

It was clearly the estate of an older woman who had loved Christmas. Among the household items for sale, the entire livingroom was filled with Christmas items. This collection included a beautiful collection of snowglobes. 

Her snowglobes were all beautiful. The one that caught my eye is quite large and solid. It features Santa Clause reviewing his list of children's names - surrounded by the hustle and bustle of the Elves working with the toys. I shook it and watched the snow fall and wondered how many Christmas family gatherings this globe had been a part of.

If only it could talk.

As I purchased the globe, I felt the need to ask the previous owner's name. My intention was to be able to remember at least her first name at Christmas and not let her become forgotten.

I guess I should not have been surprised that her name was Pauline. And that it just happened that I noted the estate sale alongside a winding West Virginia road that particular day I was driving home from a camping trip. I nearly didn't pull over - feeling dirty and stinky after an extended camping trip in that rustic, off-grid cabin of mine. But I did stop. And I bought Ms. Pauline's snowglobe.

My grandmother was also named Pauline. And Christmas was important to her too. She gathered her very large family around her at the holidays, all of us who would and could come. Family and holiday gatherings always a priority to my grandmother.

Both Paulines lived in rural homes on pieces of land surrounded by barns and fields. Both clearly with large families. It was not just coincidence that brought me to Ms. Pauline's snowglobe. 

I think I'll decorate for Christmas this year.

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  1. What a sweet story, Dawn Rae. I agree that synchronicity played a part in your acquiring Ms. Pauline's snow globe. Lovely! Enjoy your Christmas decorations this season. I can already tell this Santa snowglobe will be central to your theme.

  2. Sometimes things are just meant to be Dawn! It does seem there must be some special message there for you. If nothing else, a reminder of some fun childhood memories. Wishing you a very, merry Christmas surrounded by beautiful decorations. (but don't work too hard. that can take the fun right out of it)