Sunday, February 25, 2018

Treasures: Mala Necklace by Tam Lyn Concepts

Black Onyx Mala.
I recently purchased Tibetan prayer beads (Mala necklace) made by Tam Lyn Concepts. I love the quality of these beads and wanted to share my find with you. I have many reasons I looked for and purchased this particular string of prayer beads. The disclaimer is that my journey into mediation is fairly new and I am learning as I go. My sharing of the information below is somewhat like prayer beads for dummies by dummies.  My focus is on how much I like this Mala.

What are Mala necklaces?

Tibetan prayer beads, 108 necklaces, and Mala necklaces seem to be basically the same thing. These necklaces are very similar to a Catholic Rosary. The beads are meant to focus and to count the number of prayers or chants.

108 is a number that is important in Tibetan Buddhism. Malas come in 108 beads or double that amount (216) or half that amount (54).  In addition to the 108 beads, there is a larger Guru bead. That bead symbolizes different things, but for me it is the beginning and stopping point of the mediation. And it's beautiful.

Black Onyx 108 Knotted Prayer Beads by Tam Lyn Concepts

I chose black onyx because I like black onyx a lot and because a black necklace can be worn with anything.

I chose a 108 bead necklace because of the length. No fasteners to open and close. It just slips over my head and hangs at a good length (over or under my shirt).

I chose the Tam Lyn Tibetan black onyx prayer beads because of the quality. The string is knotted. The beads are stones and not plastic beads. The tassel is nicely done. When the Mala arrived, it also came in a small bag, with a card of information about the beads, and the tassel was wrapped in a plastic covering to protect it during shipping.

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Tam Lyn Concepts offers several different Malas on Amazon. 

If Etsy is your online shopping preference, there are MANY handmade Malas to choose from.

Search Etsy Shops for 108 Malas (Malas featured in the photo below are by Madaboutmint, GrdnEarthlyDelights, TheMalaTheMission, and AwakenYourKundalini):

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  1. This sounds like a beautiful and high-quality necklace for those who are inclined to this type of prayer.

  2. These Malas are new to me and it was quite fascinating to read about them. Thanks so much for the information, Dawn Raw.

  3. Very pretty! I like the fashionable appeal. Seems like it would go well with just about any outfit. I am neither Catholic nor Buddhist, but I appreciate the reminder to pray, praise and meditate on blessings.

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