Saturday, February 10, 2018

Creating Treasures with Round Loom Knitting - Hats

I have just discovered a new passion and an easy way to create family heirlooms and treasures. Okay, that's a little overly dramatic. But I am really excited about my new hobby. I have just discovered that I can knit using round looms. It is an easy and fun way to be creative. I have been able to knit hats and am passing along the information about the inexpensive little gadget that allows me to knit.

Round Looms

Round looms are small rings of durable plastic with pegs. Using yarn wrapped around the pegs and pulling one loop of yarn over the other with a small hook results in a knitted item.

Anchor yarn. Wrap around loom twice. Use hook to pull one loop over another.

I can crochet (easy - medium patterns) and have crocheted for years. But I have never been able to master the art of knitting. Holding a knitting needle in each hand and convincing my hands to cooperate and work together is beyond my ability.

With a loom, a hook, yarn, and a wonderful video tutorial by Denise at Loomahat, I made a hat for my grandson in a matter of an afternoon. I will add Denise's wonderful tutorial below.

Complete hat for my grandson

My next attempt will be a hat for my granddaughter with a crochet flower applique. And at some point, I hope to knit some thick, comfy socks for myself.  If you have always wanted to knit, but couldn't quite figure out how, this might be your answer. I know it is the solution for me.

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That wonderful round loom tutorial by Denise at Loomahat:


  1. What a great new way to knit hats and socks. I've done the hats on regular knitting needles, but never could master the changing of the pattern (and stitch) for the toes and heels of socks. I've not knitted in a long while, or even crocheted for that matter, but I really like that you're showing people an easy way to do this. Excellent, Dawn!

  2. Loom knitting is so much fun, and our granddaughter loved it when she was 9 or 10. I think I will grab my looms and make another hat! I used to enjoy that so much!

  3. I used to have a spool knitter when I was a little girl, but never really knew what to make with it besides potholders and rugs. I've never seen knitting looms like this, but it looks like they may work in a similar way, but with more complexity and more options.

  4. I've never tried knitting a hat before. This round loom way of knitting makes it look easy. Thanks much Dawn Rae. With your article, I just may have found a way to branch out from my crochet into knitting. :)

  5. What a really cute hat! Your grandson will love that and how very cool that you made it in an afternoon. I've made a few things with looms before, but haven't pulled them out in years. Now, I feel encouraged to get mine back out to play. I also look forward to seeing the hat for your granddaughter.

  6. That's cute! I think I could do this on the loom. I love handmade hats but knitting isn't one of my strengths.

  7. I just recently bought one of the rectangular Knifty Knitters. I have the set of 4 round ones. So far I've only made a prayer shawl with the largest circle.
    I have yet to try a hat and should check out the video as it should help me better than the pictures in the instruction book.