Saturday, January 6, 2018

Treasure: Sunny Exercise Bike

Sunny exercise bike
The Sunny exercise bike comes in several different sizes and either belt or chain driven. I have been shopping for exercise equipment for my apartment for well over a year. I finally purchased this Sunny bike and I immediately am very impressed. I wanted to share my find with you.

Sunny Belt Drive Indoor Exercise Bike (SF-B1002)

Of the various Sunny bike models, I chose the SF-B1002. It seems the 3 differences with my model are: the 49lb flywheel, it is a belt drive, and holds a rider up to 275 lbs.  

Some of the Sunny bikes have a lower rider weight maximum. And a lower weight flywheel. I was looking for sturdy. And sturdy is what I found!

I was looking for quiet, in order to try to be kind to my neighbors in the adjoining apartments. While the chain drive models are reported to have a more "realistic" bicycle feel, I chose the belt drive model because it is reported to have be more quiet and produce less vibration.

Some Assembly Required

Yes. I assembled my bike. The tools were provided and the directions/diagrams were very clear. There was absolutely no guessing. It took me just an hour to assemble this bike.

I'm not sure how the delivery folks got the heavy box up 3 flights of stairs, but they did. The box was very large and difficult for me to move. But even the box was labeled in order to ease the unboxing and assembly process. 

Oh wow. They weren't kidding. And it was very helpful to unbox the bike in this manner. I struggled a little bit with the box.  But it was doable. Then with the clearly labeled tools, parts, and the instructions... I had the bike together in no time.

By the way, I apologize for not taking better (and more) photos. I was excited about the bike and didn't think about taking photos for a review. 

I have to pause and admit something. My bike was marked as "made in China". That almost caused me to not make the purchase. I don't expect mechanical items and metal items to be made well in China. I also did not expect the assembly directions to be helpful. But I was wrong on ALL counts. The bike is solid. I'm not a welder, but the welds appear to be done well. There were extra metal pieces that were bolted in the legs of the bike to prevent bending during shipping. The directions were clearly written by a writer who is fluent in English and can produce very clear diagrams.

I love everything about this bike so far EXCEPT... the seat. The seat is small and uncomfortable. It made the bony parts of my bum sore. Fortunately, I recalled that I had a old gel, spring suspension bicycle seat on my bicycle. And was very happy to find that I could replace the Sunny seat. Perhaps my overweight hiney is more tender than most folks' hineys, but I couldn't tolerate the seat.

Miscellaneous Information

Thank you. First of all, thank you to my son and his wife for the Amazon gift card that helped purchase this bike. I've been looking at a variety of exercise bikes and ellipticals for a long time - unable to make a decision. Your gift card helped me feel like I could make the purchase.

Online reviews. If you decide to consider a Sunny exercise bike, there are a variety of youtube reviews of many different Sunny models. After awhile, I became a little confused about the different models, but I did feel the reviews were helpful with my decision about belt drive vs. chain drive and etc.

Online spin classes. If you purchase an exercise/spin bike, there are MANY different video spin classes to help you out. Some are paid subscription and some are free. So far, I have found several spin instructors that are to my liking and my very beginner status.

Finally, yes I have a history of turning exercise equipment into coat racks. And the same may happen with this bike. BUT so far, I'm riding it every day and am already building up my stamina. So far, I am enjoying everything about having this bike in my apartment (now that I have the cushioned seat on it!).

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  1. Don't know what I would do without my exercise bike, it's used almost everyday, especially in this freezing cold weather

    1. I'm glad that you love your bike...and exercise almost everyday. I hope to get that daily exercise. So far so good.

  2. I really is important to have exercise equipment inside our homes in our area. The weather would prohibit outdoor activity too often to get much exercise during the winter or extreme hot summer days. Unfortunately, like you, my exercise equipment tends to become coat racks. I am also trying a new indoor exercise piece of equipment. So hope I can stick with the routine. However, my husband is looking for a exercise machine that he likes so he can exercise alongside me. He would much prefer a stationary bike and I will definitely show him your article. Thanks for the introduction and the heads up about the seat. If I (we) had tiny bottoms we might not even want an exercise machine.

    1. I laughed at your "tiny bottoms" comment. I just told a young lady at work today that maybe the seat would be okay for her... since my bottom is so huge. But I don't know.... those seats are some sort of torture device.

  3. A great review. I wish I can bring ours when we travel. Some hotels have but others don't.

    1. I used to stay in hotels more than I have recently. Not only do some hotels not have them..... I remember that the exercise rooms in some hotels are a little scary. Some sore of folding exercise bike - that is sturdy - would be amazing, wouldn't it? Thank you for the comment and the visit!

  4. We used to have a stationary exercise bike. After several moves it was no longer needed. By that, I mean having one in the house. Exercise equipment is ALWAYS needed... LOL. Today I utilize the equipment in my apartment complex work out room. Good luck with yours and your exercise routine. May your bum become so small that the tiny seat on the bike would feel comfortable. LOL. Seriously, best of luck to you in your new routine with your Sunny exercise bike.