Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Bernat Pipsqueak Yarn

Wonderful Bernat Pipsqueak yarn
WOW! I have just discovered Bernat Pipsqueak yarn and I'm in love! Okay, that was a little overly dramatic. But just a little.  Bernat Pipsqueak yarn is a soft, fluffy, and snuggly yarn that feels so good to the touch that I can't keep my hands off of it. As soon as I finish this project (a gift for a grandbaby) I am going to use some of this yarn for a throw for myself.

Bernat Pipsqueak Yarn - Pink Swirl

In the photo, you can see the typical worsted weight yarn - the pink and the white stripes. Then, at the crochet hook, you see yarn that appears to be fuzzy or frayed. I chose "pink swirl" to match this baby blanket and to add some more texture.  

My plan to use the Pipsqueak yarn is working even better than I had imagined. 

With this pattern, I am crocheting in the "spaces" rather than in the "stitches". In that way, I am able to work easily with the fuzzy Pipsqueak yarn. If I were doing a pattern that involved crocheting in the stitches, I would not be happy about using this yarn. It is so fluffy that it would be too hard (for me - maybe not for  you) to catch the loops on the subsequent rows. Fortunately, the Done In a Day pattern I'm using is loose enough to use a fuzzy yarn easily.

The Bernat Pipsqueak is:
  • machine washable and dryable
  • 100% polyester
  • a "chunky" (size 5) yarn

One more thing I like about this yarn is that even though it has the appearance of being "frayed" or fuzzy, the yarn is easy to work with and does not split while I am crocheting. What I mean is, some yarn strands pull apart easily and my hook constantly passes through a strand of yarn and gets snagged.  I was a bit worried that this yarn would cause that problem. But it does not.

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Bernat Yarn Related Links:

In 2014 I used Bernat brand yarn for the first time. It was a super bulky chenille yarn. I enjoyed the Bernat yarn so much that I had it in mind when shopping for the yarn for the pink blanket. Clearly, Bernat makes a variety of wonderful yarns. You can see my thoughts about my crocheted cowl using Bernat Blanket yarn here.  

After starting my Bernat Pipsqueak blanket for my granddaughter, I found myself already thinking about other easy projects I could make. I went in search of other crochet patterns that would be easy enough for me.  I found this wonderful video tutorial by Yarnspirations. It is an easy Granny Square style pattern for a baby blanket. I think you will be able to see how extremely soft and thick this yarn is. 


  1. Always fun to find a new yarn you love, Dawn Rae. I recently discovered a sparkly yarn with a metallic thread throughout that works up nicely too and looks smashing. I may have to share my thoughts on this yarn in a post myself. :) Then I'll have to give this Bernat Pipsqeak yarn a try. Thanks for telling me about it.

  2. I have never seen this yarn! Ever since our local craft store closed, I feel like I miss out of so much. Fortunately, once I have seen it, I can usually buy it online. Looks like a really pretty yarn too.

  3. I know that granddaughter of yours will enjoy the softness of the Pipsqueak yarn as much as you!