Saturday, April 22, 2017

Treasures: Farm Fresh Eggs at Willow Valley Farm

Oh what a wonderful find! Farm fresh eggs are only a short drive away at a local farm in Baltimore County. If you live in the Baltimore area and are craving eggs straight from the farm you need to know about Willow Valley Farm in Glen Arm, Maryland.

Farm Fresh Brown Eggs

Why bother with driving to a farm when you can buy your eggs at the corner store? TASTE! That's why. Organic eggs that are more healthy for you come straight from farms. 

I've been so disappointed with the eggs from the store lately. They really have less taste. The last dozen I bought promised to remain fresher for a longer time. I swear there was no flavor. And then I was worried that whatever process that makes them have a longer shelf life is probably something I don't want to eat. 

I know that brown farm eggs have a rich taste and are healthier eggs in general. So I did an internet search hoping for eggs somewhere nearby.

Willow Valley Farm in Glen Arm, Maryland

It turns out that this farm is a bit of a drive from my apartment. But I had errands to do this morning and I'd not be too far from Glen Arm. So off I went.

Willow Valley Farm is very easy to locate. Just a few miles "north" of 695 on Harford Road. Actually, I think it is northeast of 695 and northeast of Carney, but the roads here never really run north/south and east/west so it is hard to describe.  Regardless, the farm was very easy to find. And Harford Road, off of Joppa Road, is a gorgeous drive. 

The farm is well-marked with a sign at the road. Turn in to the drive and head toward the barns. There you will find a small chicken coop/shed. That is where the self-serve eggs are located.

I made the mistake of actually going in to the shed.  Don't do that. I stood there for a minute, looking at the chicken boxes thinking "oh wow, this is the ultimate self-serve!"

Silly me. On the front of the shed is a smaller door with a black handle. The door is clearly marked with the egg prices. Behind that door is a small refrigerator. Inside are the eggs in cartons. You pay (honor system) in the container located in the refrigerator (so remember to bring a few dollars).  If you brought an empty carton to donate, you just leave it on top of the fridge. It was easy-peasy and I shouldn't have had any problems with figuring it out. I guess I hadn't had enough coffee yet.

And there I was, the very happy owner of 18 LARGE brown eggs.

Willow Valley Farm Owners

Mr. Jamie happened to be nearby when I entered the wrong door and exited. It was clear I was trying to figure out what I was doing. He greeted me, showed me the ropes, and talked for a minute about their lovely farm. In addition to eggs, they also have a variety of meats available; beef, pork, and of course, whole chicken.  

It was easy to see that their farm is well maintained. As far as farms go, it was very clean. The stock nearby (chickens, hogs, and cows) were all clean, healthy, and clearly well cared for. They were in large pens and they were clean. (Sorry, livestock cleanliness was my father's first rule of farming. And it is the first thing I look for when I am around livestock. Habit.)

I will return for more eggs. And likely make arrangements for some of the cuts of meats.  

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Click the photograph below for the Willow Valley Farm website. On that site you will find hours, directions, products, and a bit of information about the farm and family. Or find them on their Willow Valley Farm facebook page. On their facebook page they seem to update with egg availability (i.e. no eggs due to weather).

photo by Willow Valley Farm, Glen Arm, MD


  1. What a wonderful find. I noticed that some new neighbors of mine are selling fresh eggs (about a mile and a half from my home). Must stop by and learn more about their offerings. Enjoy your fresh eggs!

  2. I think you're right about store-bought eggs not having much taste lately. We're always thankful for fresh eggs that we sometimes get from a local friend. I really should seek them out more often. Glad you found a good place not too far from home!

  3. The self serve story is just too funny! I am glad you didn't start reaching under the chickens, lol! It is pretty cool to have a farm close enough to actually go to and buy fresh eggs. You have made me think I need to check around here and see if I can find a farm too. I agree, we have no way of knowing what they have done to our store bought eggs.

  4. I LOVE fresh eggs and used to get them in Nebraska at a local farm. Sure miss those days. Need to see if there are any local farms around here with eggs. The Willow Valley Farm website was a treat to look at.

  5. I guess I really should try these. I usually get free range eggs at Trader Joe's, but I do know where farm eggs are available.

  6. LOL! Great story! We have three chickens and love having fresh eggs. Our chickens are quite spoiled: Hot organic meals in the winter and plenty of organic greens in the summer. One of our chickens is named Cuddles because she likes to cuddle. She'll sit as close as she can get to me and get her head and tummy petted. I cook hard boiled eggs in my Instant Pot, even our really fresh eggs, and the shells practically pop off by themselves.

  7. OMG, We raise chickens, and I cannot even begin to imagine what someone would do to extend the life of an egg. That's insane! I just saw a video the other day, showing fake eggs from China. The yolk was almost white, and the egg bubbled when frying it. It looked just like an egg before he cracked it though. It's insane! I hope that's not what you got. I don't know if they are selling here yet. The video was a man who said he was in Nigeria. I hope they don't bring them here. Who knows what the heck they are making them out of. Anyhow, I loved your post! Willow Valley Farm sounds like an amazing place!