Saturday, March 18, 2017

Treasures: Soothing Goat's Milk Soap

Rustic bars of goat's milk soap, made by hand locally, is a special treat I look forward to. It is a treasure that I purchase for myself each year. Typically, I buy a bar or two when I go to the local National Apple Harvest Festival and I use it when I'm in the mood to pamper myself. I have a favorite brand and a scent that I always look for at the festival. But more recently, I have discovered Etsy and am thrilled to have more options to purchase soothing bars of goat's milk soap with just a click of a button - any time I am in the mood to pamper myself. 

Stonefield Goat's Milk Soaps

Stonefield Soaps is the brand I always look for at the annual National Apple Harvest Festival. I impulsively bought a bar of Stonefield soap years ago and loved the feel of the lather and my soft skin afterwards.  

During my research to write this, I decided to look for Stonefield Soaps on Etsy. I did not locate them there, but I did find the Stonefield Soaps website. I am able to order these soaps online after all!  What a pleasant surprise.

Each chunky, little bar of soap comes wrapped in a thick paper, tied with a ribbon, and complete with a label to denote the fragrance. My favorite is the Lavender. 

Stonefield Soaps

Chickens In The Road Goat's Milk Soaps

There is a homesteading blog that I have followed for years.  Over those years I have read Suzanne McMinn's adventures after moving to a "slanted little house" and small farm in West Virginia. They eventually moved on to Sassafras Farm. At this farm she continues writing her blog but also gives workshops on things related to country/farm living. The workshops include soap-making. Someday I will attend one of the workshops and learn how to make my own soap - in preparation for retirement on my own homestead. In the meantime, I am super excited that Suzanne is offering her own goat's milk soap in her Etsy store.  

I want a sampler pack because I know I will enjoy all of Suzanne's soap recipes, but I am MOST excited about the Beer Me Babe recipe. I can only imagine how soft my skin would feel after the beer, shea butter, and coconut oil. And the orange and patchouli essential oils are a scent combination I enjoy (please refer to the listing for the complete list of ingredients). The Chickens In The Road bars of soap are large, unique, and rustic bars of soothing soap.

Chickens In The Road Goat's Milk Soap - Beer Me Babe

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The National Apple Harvest Festival is held in Pennsylvania each year. If you love apples, crafts, handmade items, bluegrass music, antique tractors and a car show (when it doesn't rain so much that the cars can't safely drive onto the field) and so much more, you would enjoy this festival.

Chickens In The Road is Suzanne's blog. There you will find all of the information about her farm, her book, recipes, the workshops, and her Etsy store. There are also forums for her followers to chat about their farms, gardens, and lives.

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  1. Dawn Rae, what fun that a favorite blogger and fellow homesteader is now making soaps you love. It makes the soaps even more special to you.

  2. Wow! That soap sounds fabulous and looks almost good enough to eat. We should treat ourselves to a little something every now and then. Soothing soap is a real luxury!

  3. This whole post was fun to read! Homemade soaps, chickens in the road, beer soap, West Virginia (my birth state), homesteading... what's not to love? I've never been one to pamper myself with soaps until recently when I was shopping at a local consignment mall and found the most wonderful-smelling bars of soap and splurged on two, one for me and one for my husband. Both of us have enjoyed the soaps so much and they've lasted way too long - I need to buy more to try! Perhaps I'll go with your new find here, Dawn Rae, when I'm ready to order. They do remind me of Reese's Cups, though, so I'll have to pay close attention when they arrive because I doubt they taste as good as they look.

  4. I'm curious. I have hard water and soaps don't seem to work for me -- only detergents give me lather that rinses off easily. Do you use these in hard or soft water?

    1. Barb, that is a great question. I have city water. And I don't believe that we have a water softener in these apartments. So, I believe we have hard water.

  5. So glad that you found the soap that you love. I love anything homemade, and it sounds like you're happy with it. Pamper yourself often you deserve it :)

  6. I have a friend that makes goat's milk soap for me with my favorite herbs and scents. It's such a treat people can't image how different this soap is ... They make great gifts too :)

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