Monday, January 26, 2015

Wintertime Cat Nap Must-Haves

Gloomy and cold snow days are the best days to take cat naps.  On this snow day at home, you can be sure that I will take a nap.  I will snuggle up in the leopard print Snuggie that I received as a gift years ago.  Warm and toasty, I will rest.
Snuggie Leopard Print Fleece

Go ahead and laugh. Some people think Snuggies are funny and great joke fodder.  Oh we had jokes and then suddenly I was the owner of a Snuggie. Not only a Snuggie, but a bold leopard print version.  I quickly learned that it is the best snuggling, warm, nap item I've ever own - not counting my dog of course.  I love my Snuggie. 

Recently, however, I have considered doing a bit of redecorating.  As much as I love my leopard print, it is a little bold for me. It is not something that I leave draped over the chair when guests are expected.  I am seriously considering replacing it with a more subtle snow leopard motif.  But where would I find snow leopard nap items?

Why, on Zazzle of course.

My living room is still in the process of being decorated.  My furniture is dark, mostly black. The carpet and walls (of my rental) are beige.  I have no flexibility with wall color so the remainder of my decorating choices will come in the form of textiles.

I think this subtle snow leopard print fleece blanket will be a great accent. Both functional and decorative.

Leopard print pattern black watercolor hand paint fleece blanket
Leopard print pattern black watercolor hand paint fleece blanket by girly_trend
Check out more Leopard pattern Fleece Blankets at Zazzle

Of course I will have to have at least one matching throw pillow. I love throw pillows as accents. They are easy to switch out when you grow tired of them. Or to add seasonal touches.  To go with my snow leopard fleece throw, I've chosen this gorgeous cat pillow. 

Exotic White Snow Leopard Pillows
Exotic White Snow Leopard Pillows by PhotographyTKDesigns
Browse more Snow leopards Pillows at Zazzle

Because there always needs to be a pop of color, even in my living room, here is an accent pillow with that bit of color.

Finally, Zazzle being what it is - a way to personalize your own items with your own photographs or artwork - I would love to add a photo pillow of Mittens the Maleficent Kitten when she is finally released to come home. With a pillow of her lovely face, her eye color will become the sample for the pop of color in my living room.

Yes, I think I've finally decided on my living room accent pieces. Meanwhile, I'm going to go cuddle with my leopard snuggie and take a cap nap.

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  1. I love throws and cushions and all things snuggly! The snow leopard print fleece blanket and the throw cushion are lovely.Like the leopard print snuggie as well! Looking forward to seeing the photo pillow of Mittens :)

  2. Oh, I do love to snuggle up on the sofa in a comfy throw surrounded by throw pillows. Add a dog and a good book or movie and I am settled in for the night. I can not wait to see your Mittens on a decorative pillow designed by you!

  3. I have throws and pillows throughout my house, all in varying designs. I do love a snuggie, but like you, I have several other throws. I just grab which ever is closest when I get cold. I do have one that I purchased for decoration only, but I don't say a thing if a guest grabs it to use as a blanket. btw, I definitely think you need to have Mittens on a pillow! I already love that sassy cat!