Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Mittens the Kitten

This is Mittens.  She is a 7 month old kitten at the local animal shelter. 

I have been considering adding a cat and a dog to the family for about a year.  I kept flipping back and forth about which would come first, cat or dog.  

Then I found Mittens. And the decision was made.

She is listed as a "spirited" kitten. The definition of spirited seems to be as follows - she puts her head down to be rubbed and after less than a minute passes she scratches, or hisses, or bites, or all three.  She does all of this while purring and flicking her tail tip.  

I came home with three scratches on my hand and the adoption paperwork.  She remains at the shelter in order to have her spaying completed. I pick her up on Thursday.

I will introduce her to Willy, my dog, slowly.  As much for her comfort as his protection!  And I will hope for the best.  I don't want a cat that scratches and hisses. But I think she will settle in and be the type of independent and opinionated cat that I like.

During my adventure of shelter visits, I was reminded that I really, really like cats. Many cats.  I could probably easily become the crazy, old, cat lady.  There is only one type of cat that I don't care for and those are orange tabbies. And I only recently remembered the stray cat that bit the hand that fed it (mine, as a 7 year old child) was an orange tabby.  The mystery has been solved about my hesitance about orange tabbies.  Now that I've remembered that, maybe someday I'll like orange tabbies.  Until then, I love every other type of cat there is.  

365 CATS Calendar
I've decided to get a cat calendar for my desk at work.  So I can enjoy looking at many different cats without bringing them all home. I found this calendar and love the little story bits that come on each page.  

Bergan Turbo Scratcher Cat Toy
I also have some shopping to do.  I've purchased the required things I need; litter box, carrier, litter, scoop, and etc.  I'm sure she will need some toys to keep her occupied.  I'm holding off a bit on the toys. I want to get to know her a bit better so I have a better idea of what she might like.  But I'll purchase one of these immediately. My last cat loved it.

In my experience it seems that cats, much like dogs, do not develop problem behaviors if they have enough mental or physical stimulation.  Cat toys in addition to attention from their human will usually keep cats from clawing the furniture. 

I am so excited. I can't wait for Thursday to arrive and my kitten to come home. 

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  1. Oh, I do enjoy a spirited cat, too, and Mittens sounds like one I could easily be smitten with. I love her coloring too! Willy will have someone to keep him company now, hooray!

    I understand the orange tabby memory! For me it was white cats with blue eyes. Then I got myself one, thinking I'd get over it. NOT! It was another cat from another planet! I did give it back to its previous owner within a few weeks and I doubt I'll ever try a white cat with blue eyes again.

    1. Thank you Ruth. Now I don't feel so bad about holding a grudge against orange cats. It's funny... I can remember all the details of that stray cat (who I had been feeding regularly) suddenly attacking me, biting my thumb and not letting go. And how I shook my hand. And then all the trauma afterwards of my mom having to find the cat, and the possibility of rabies injections in my stomach if they didn't find the cat and so on. I remembered all of those details. But only recently remembered that I think it was a big old orange tabby tom cat.

  2. I had a cat named Ramses who was "spirited." I still have scars on my arms from his scratches. But he was also the best cat I EVER owned, so I think it was worth it.

    I hope Mittens and Willy become great friends!

    1. I'm glad to hear of someone else who had a "spirited" cat. I am hoping I'm not in over my head with her. So it's good to hear about someone else who loved a hissy/scratchy cat.

  3. Wishing you all the best with your new kitty ! I have never had a cat though we have had quite a few cats visit us !

  4. you might also want to consider a baby gate to give Mittens a room that your dog can not get in.. and one that has the litter box for Mittens to feel safe..

    a fishing pole toy, with a long handle and a pretty long string will also get Mittens running around without you having to move a lot.. wearing her out with play on a regular basis will help her adjust and not be quite so spirited..