Saturday, November 8, 2014

My Blue Star Banner Day

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As Veteran's Day approaches, I am reminded of all of our family members, friends, and neighbors who have served our country throughout the history of our country  November 11th is Veteran's Day. This date is a Federal holiday in the United States. A day to honor and thank all of our veterans who have served in the armed forces - some of whom are currently deployed to foreign lands.  

In fact, my oldest son is currently deployed. Between my two sons, this is the fourth deployment. Fortunately, the location he's in is much lower risk that the other countries they've been sent to.  For that reason, I am trying to remain relaxed.  As he recently prepared to deploy, I remembered an incident that happened a year or so ago.

I was driving through a neighborhood of single family homes with my friend. The lawns were nice and the homes were cared for.  Not a thing was out of place. It was a lovely day, our windows were down, and we were enjoying the pretty yards, weather, and each other's company. As we drove past a house, my friend began laughing and pointing.  She laughed so hard that if the doors had been off the Jeep, she might have fallen out.

"Look at all that junk" she hooted and laughed.  She couldn't believe it and had never seen such a sight. How in the heck did they get all that crap in there, she continued.

I looked as I circled the cul-de-sac, on the way to my friend's home.  I saw what she was referring to. It was a HUGE amount of stuff. A two car garage stuffed to the gills. The door was open, and I'm not sure how it was able to open because the boxes and things were stacked to the ceiling in most spots. It was astonishing that they had gotten all of that stuff into that garage.

But I saw it as something entirely different.

"They have someone who is deployed" I said softly, nearly a whisper. I don't think she heard me, as I said it mostly to myself.

The ranch house was a neat as a newly polished silver spoon, the yard manicured to perfection.  And in the middle of the huge expanse of picture window hung a blue star banner. 

I didn't see that stuff as crap being hoarded in a garage. I saw that as someone's life, waiting for it's owner to return to resume life in-country.  Because of the blue star banner, I imagined an older couple, waiting for their adult child to return to safety.

I nearly cried then.  I am choked up and becoming teary with the memory as I write this now.  As we drove past that house, I too had a son deployed to some sandy and dangerous land, a long way from home.  I had just learned about the blue star banners in that same year.  I understood the significance of the belongings being stored in the garage.

The blue star banner has a long history. It is a banner that was designed and patented in 1917 by Army Capt. Robert L. Queisser when his sons were deployed.  This banner and it's red border, white field, and blue star in the middle, became the symbol of parents who had children in active military service. One blue star symbolizes one child in service.  A banner can have up to five blue stars to represent five children in active service.  A blue star banner with a gold star represents a child who was killed or who has died.

While my friend saw a neat, but huge, hoarding situation, I saw a family who was likely lovingly storing the belongings of their child until their safe return.

I hope that you too watch for blue star banners and send thoughts of support and safety to these parents and their children.  

And to our beloved Veterans... I thank you.
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**If you are interested in helping a service person by fostering their dog during assignments and deployments, check out my post about a wonderful organization that helps civilians foster dogs so their military owners don't have to relinquish ownership.  No dog should be without a home because it's owner is being deployed.**

Written by Dawn Rae 
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  1. I must tell you I have never heard of the Blue Star Banner and nearly cried myself reading your story of its meaning. I can imagine that as a mom of a son deployed that the banner waves a deep and hopeful message for you. Next time you speak with him, give my thanks to your son for his military service to our country. Bless you both, Dawn Rae.

  2. Ruth, there is a good chance that he'll read this, but I'll make sure he knows. Thank you for visiting and your comments.

  3. I had never heard of the blue star banner. I may well have seen them and simply not known their meaning and importance. I truly appreciate all of our servicemen and women, past and present. I understand all too well the sacrifice families make in order to protect our country.

    1. My son had to tell me about them, when we were at some sort of show or flea market. Before he told me (and I bought one from an older Vet who had a booth there) I had no idea.

  4. So appreciate the information you shared. The blue star banner is one that I wasn't aware of, but so happy to know about it now. All military, current and veterans are worth thanking!

    1. Thank you for reading and taking time to comment. I agree, our service persons are worth thanking.

  5. I wasn't familiar with the Blue Star Banner as well, and found your piece here very moving. I can't imagine what you and others go through with a child serving your country so far from home, my heart sings prayers for all of you.

    1. Thank you for your prayers, songs, and good thoughts. Military families appreciate it.

  6. I have never heard of the blue star banners either. I thought this was a really, very touching post Dawn. My thoughts are with you and your son as he serves away.

    1. Thank you so much Jasmine. I appreciate it.