Monday, July 3, 2017

Thank You to My Readers and Supporters

I'd like to take a moment to say thank you to my readers. I have a circle of folks who are providing emotional support for me while I'm balancing adulting with daydreaming. While balancing living on the edge of a large city and taking care of responsibilities with making a glacially slow transition to a homestead in the country is a happy thing - it isn't always easy.  Today I am feeling thankful for each of you who are supporting me in this endeavor. 

Real Life vs. Dreaming

I have a toe in each world - the world of daily life and the world of future dreams. 

Real life includes apartment living, employment, and paycheck-to-paycheck budgeting. I don't care for my neighbors, my neighborhood, or the daily commute on the beltway. However, I keep at it. I am well aware that it could be worse. It could be much, much worse. I am thankful that in reality, it's not so bad. 

making the most of apartment living

Dreaming includes my land on a ridge in West Virginia and the dreams of retiring there someday. Living there sooner than later, I hope. I go camping there as often as possible, try to keep up with caring for the land and my Shack, and plan for the future. I have home plans chosen, trees planted, and big ideas. 

I dream of living here... this view every day

Blogging About It

I blog because I love to write. I love to read. I love peeking in on others who share their lives through their writing and videos. I want to share certain bits of my life. 

I have been blessed to have been mentored by some really kind ladies who have graciously shared their knowledge about SEO, affiliates, Google, and assorted things related to the world of writing on the internet. If I'm being too obtuse, let me say it more clearly - I am very thankful for the ladies who have all taken me under their wings and shared what they know with me.

I also blog for many other reasons:

I mentioned that I love to read and write. Blogging is an extension of that happiness I feel when I've written something coherent or moving.

I am practicing blogging. I have a long way to go in learning how to be a successful blogger. And I believe that practice makes close to perfect. I am practicing as often as time and energy allow.

I am practicing blogging so that I am better at it when I have even more important things to say. I hope to someday be able to share how I went from barely scraping by to retiring debt-free and living as self-sufficiently as possible. 

I blog because I try to spend as many days as possible in 'zero-spend' mode. Or as close to it as possible. Zero-spend days are the days that I am not spending any money. Now, clearly, having the internet isn't free. So technically there is a daily cost to having a roof over my head, connection to the internet, and electricity. But... sitting home using the internet is far less expensive than traveling, shopping, eating out, or a myriad of other things I could be spending money on.

I blog because it helps me to keep track. I can look back and see the memories, the timeline, the details of things I did or wanted to remember.

I blog because I can share my little bits of experience or opinions with the people who want my opinion. Sometimes I have useful information I'd like to share.

I blog because sometimes I make a few bucks. I can spend those few bucks on the things I need or want. If I figured my "hourly pay" through blogging over the years, I'd be quite depressed. And frankly, I'm not sure I'm mathematically talented enough to find that fraction of a penny. However, there have been spurts of internet income that have helped me make purchases I would not have otherwise enjoyed. 

Thank You to Each of You

After having had several days vacation and some quiet time to reflect, I have had time to really think about how grateful I am to those of you who support me during this time. Some of you know me personally and provide support by listening to my daydreams and don't think me silly. Or if you do, you don't let it show! Others of you know me via the internet and provide your support through teaching, tweets, and shares. A number of you make purchases through my affiliate links and provide financial support. And finally, a great number of you are complete strangers who share links to what I have written just for the sake of sharing. 

As I am counting my blessings and cursing the continued barriers to living my dreams, each of you are very important during this journey. Each of you are greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

*This article may contain affiliate links. If you shop via one of the affiliate links, I may earn a small commission - at no additional cost to you.  I am very appreciative of every reader who visits my articles. Thank you


  1. Dawn Rae, thank YOU for so willingly sharing your dreams. I'm sure I'm not the only one who feels motivated and encouraged by observing your changing lifestyle. I love coming along for the read - and the ride!

  2. I know that many of us owe you a big hug and thank you for always being so supportive of our endeavors. You are always so kind and thoughtful to others. It simply seems natural to respond in kind. For me personally, I am grateful to call you friend and thankful that you find the time to be a part of my work & play.

  3. What a lovely thank you note to those whose lives have been touched by you. I think most of us are in awe of what you are accomplishing and envious of your drive. I know in my heart, I wish that all your dreams reach fulfillment. You deserve it! What you give will come back and you have given much to us.

  4. I think you are a brave, talented woman, to do something many dream of but never achieve. Allowing us a peek into that world is kind of you, and it's fascinating to those of us no longer able to do such things, but even we have our dreams. They live on through folks like you, so we can experience them vicariously. Thank you for including us.

  5. Dawn Rae, I've truly enjoyed having a peak inside your world and a snapshot of your future dreams as seen through your writings and photos. If I've helped in even a small way along your journey, it's because you've allowed me into your world and shared your hopes and dreams. So, I thank YOU for the privilege of knowing you. Wishing you the best of luck that the future you envision arrives as soon as possible. Meanwhile, I'll continue on your journey with you vicariously through your blogging.

  6. There is so much of me in this post. I too balance daydreaming and adulting... Our homestead dreams have been slow to develop, well they still are. It's difficult when on a super tight budget! I love hearing about your dreams and wishes. It reminds me of when I was living closer to the city dying to get away from neighbors, city lights, buses, and whatnot. I hope that you get to your dream homestead in West Virginia very soon!