Sunday, November 13, 2016

Reviewing Dr. Bronner's Peppermint Castile Soap

Dr Bronner's Castile soap
I have been without Dr. Bronner's organic castile soap for some time. Yesterday, with an unrelenting migraine torturing me, I went to the local pharmacy to replenish my supply. I was desperate to use some of the peppermint soap hoping for some migraine relief. Fortunately, there was a bottle in stock. I will review some of the reasons Dr. Bronner's pure-castile soap is highly recommended.

Reasons I use Dr. Bronner's Peppermint Soap

There are many reasons I like Dr. Bronner's soap. I initially purchased a small bottle many, many years ago for a camping trip. I understood at that time that the soap was better for the environment if washing and bathing outdoors. Since then, I just use it because I like it so well.

I have tried some of the other scents, but Peppermint is by far my favorite.  These are just a few reasons it is a personal favorite:

  • is reportedly safer for the environment
  • leaves me squeaky clean
  • the peppermint makes my skin tingle in a refreshing way 
  • does not dry my skin
  • often (the peppermint soap) eases stubborn migraines
  • none of the scents I have used (which are strong undiluted) have triggered a migraine
  • contains essential oils - and I'm a fan of essential oils
  • is concentrated and can be diluted to meet your needs
  • lasts over a long period of time

Other Popular Uses for Dr. Bronner's Liquid Soap

I think there are as many reasons that people like Dr. Bronner's soap as there are people who use it. After reading many reviews, I am listing some of those reasons here. Please keep in mind I am only repeating what others have written and I cannot verify whether or not these claims are true (however, I am pretty optimistic they are)

  • organic with no GMOs or chemicals - good for people with sensitivities
  • "castile" soap is made from vegetable-oil soap (other soaps are animal fat-based soaps) which meets the needs of Vegans and Vegetarians
  • hand wash and body wash
  • home and laundry deodorizing
  • household cleaner 
  • insect repellent spray
  • flea bath for dogs
  • no-poo shampoo
  • MANY scents to choose from: Citrus, Eucalyptus, Almond, Lavendar, Rose, Unscented, Peppermint, & Tea Tree

On second thought, I'll just refer you to the Dr. Bronner's FAQs page so you can read the recommendations, information, and cautions for yourself. See the section below for some of the many examples of scents and sizes - from 8 oz bottles to gallon-sized jugs there is something for everyone.


  1. Well this is something that I've never heard of. I'm so glad you like it and it works well for you. I'll certainly check this out. Thanks Dawn for yet another great review!

    1. Thank you for the visit. I've used it off and on for many years, and ALWAYS regret it when I run out.

  2. I didn't know all this about "castile" soap. Gosh, I really do learn something new everyday. thanks for posting this review Dawn Rae. I'm glad to learn something so important and useful.

    1. Thank you for the kind words and visit. I'm glad this was useful.

  3. You mentioned a couple of things that seriously prompt me to give Dr. Bronners a try. I do love the smell of peppermint. I hate migraines with a passion and the fact that the soap won't dry your skin are all extremely important to me. The insect repellent would certainly be a nice side effect too.

    1. I definitely have to remember to take a bottle or two up to The Shack. I keep forgetting to do that. For all of the reasons that people list.

  4. Now I know why I've heard of this product for years, and now I know what "castile" means. Dr. Bronner's soap sounds like a very fine product to keep on hand. Thanks for the education!

  5. This product is new to me, but I really like the fact that it doesn't dry out your skin. I'll need to check out Dr. Brommer's soap. I'm not a big fan of peppermint, so it's good to know it comes in other scents.

    1. I have yet to try the Almond and Tea Tree. I think almond next on my list.

  6. Dr. Brommer products used to be hard to find. I'm glad they're now in larger grocery stores.

    1. I agree! Such a good thing that these soaps are easier to find locally. And thank you so much for the visit and comment.

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