Tuesday, June 28, 2016

The Ultimate Chew Toy for Dogs

Willy - and his teeth!
This is Willy and these are his teeth. Willy is the chewingist dog I've ever met.  He no longer chews items other than what I give him as dog toys - now that he's no longer a pup.  But he has THE strongest and sharpest teeth I've ever seen on a dog.  It has been quite a challenge to find suitable chew toys for him.  I have finally found a perfect toy for him. If you are searching for a safe, durable dog chew toy I think you'll be pleased with the Ultimate Ring. 

Willy the Treeing Feist

I am always asked what breed Willy is.  He's a Treeing Feist. Treeing Feists historically are hunting and farm dogs and their history dates back to the Colonial Period in the US. I hadn't known about Treeing Feists much before I brought Willy home. I did some research and went to take a look at him. You can read more about my decision to bring him home here.

I don't know if all Feists have teeth that are so strong and sharp, but his teeth are amazing. Willy chips hooves into large sharp shards in a matter of days. Stuffed items are unstuffed within an hour of their arrival and completely shredded within a day.

A Busy Dog is a Happy and Healthy Dog

Dog lovers know that a dog who plays or works regularly is a happy and healthy dog. It is important to provide your dog with things to do. But these things must be safe things. And that has been the challenge with my Willy.

The Ultimate Dog ring has been a wonderful find.  I highly recommend it for dogs who chew and who are able to destroy toys very quickly.

Tuffy Ultimate Ring for Dogs

Even though I have seen the advertising video, I have no idea how they create such a durable toy. It is a "soft" toy that Willy hasn't been able to unstuff.  He plays with it on a daily basis - either bringing it to me for a game of fetch or lays contentedly chewing. I can see that he concentrates and tries to find the weak spot so that he can open the seam.  It has been about two months, and he has not been able to open any seams or poke any holes. 

Rather than trying to explain something that I can't fathom, you can see the video on how Tuffy constructs these durable soft toys for dogs. 

Willy and I are both very happy that I chose the Tuffy brand Ultimate Dog ring.

Related Information

More information about Treeing Feists can be found on the American Treeing Feist Association web page.  My Willy is a sweet baby who is also protective and active.  For me, he's the perfect combination of goofey, loving big baby and protector.

I've had some luck with certain brands of rawhide, such as the Oinkies brand. But I'm still concerned about giving them too frequently as I'm worried about the amount of rawhide he ingests.

He loves his Kong brand treat dispensers. But doesn't play with them as much as he works at retrieving the treat.  In other words, once the treat is gone, he's not interested.  Even so, his Kong treat dispensers are an important part of keeping him busy.


  1. Wow! I know what Merlin is getting for Christmas this year now! This looks like the perfect dog chew toy.

    1. Oh my gosh... this thing is GREAT. I've had so much trouble finding toys for Willy. I think Merlin will love it too.

  2. Willy's a cutie! Daisy likes toys with a squeaky inside, then she sets her mind on a rescue mission to get it out. She's really good with stitches, very patient, and hasn't failed yet. Looks from the video that it might take her a good while to get to the middle of one of these chew toys!

    1. Willy hasn't been able to open a single stitch yet. These come in a variety of "durability". I just happened to grab the most durable one. So glad I did. It's it funny to watch a patient dog finding the way to "kill" a new toy?!

  3. What a nifty looking dog chew toy. I don't have a dog, but I'm Auntie Pat to my brother's Boston Terrier Abbi, who is a regular visitor to my place. I've always kept a dog you on hand for Abbi and have to replace it once she 'rdestroys' the current one. Now I know JUST the toy to get for her. :)

    1. Excuse typos. Typed this comment on my cell phone!

  4. I am always on the lookout for durable dog toys for my aggressive chewer Valentino. I will be trying the Tuffy! V is the same way with his Kong... loves them but only when filled with something edible!

  5. Awww cutie! I used to have a dog named Willy :)

  6. Awww cutie! I used to have a dog named Willy :)