Thursday, June 25, 2015


Our little Sugar baby is heading home very soon.  I could not have asked for a better guest and first time foster dog experience. I am a bit sad to see her go but thrilled that a dog will soon be reunited with her human mom and her pack.

I have a ton of photographs of this sweet and elegant girl but when I saw her and Willy laying quietly on the edge of the bed, I just had to snap a few more.  It's so rare that Willy holds still or is in lighting that I can take his photo. And there they were relaxing together in the late afternoon light.

Just as I began to think my photo-taking was becoming excessive, I felt a horrible pulling of my hair. I was reminded of my childhood and my mom struggling to get the snarls out. I have forgotten how tender-headed I am!

For those of you who have wondered how Mittens the Maleficent has settled it... well... she's the Queen.  I don't believe I've ever met a more naughty kitten. But I adore her. She and Willy play together, chasing each other through the apartment.  Sugar isn't afraid of her but is far too dignified to be bothered with the kitty shenanigans.

The photo session ended with Mittens combing my hair to get my attention.

My little family will soon number three again. Willy the dog, Mittens the kitten, and me... her grey twin!

Thank you so much to the owner of Sugar, for allowing her to come visit and to add to our lives. I will not forget her adorable dances to get treats, finding her burrowed inside of my pillowcase, and the way she sits watching everything that's going on.


  1. Oh, I know you hate to see Sugar go and I'm willing to bet Willy does too! As for Mittens, ha! She has you and Willy to torment so she'll be just fine. What a wonderful thing you did fostering this dog for awhile. No doubt you'll have many more furry house guests. But this first one is sure to be remembered.

    1. Awe, they're all so sweet. So nice of you to be a doggy hotel for awhile.

    2. Ruth, you know I've thought about fostering for some time. So glad this sweetie needed a place to visit. I adore her! I just need a house instead of an apartment so I can do more fostering! :)

    3. Cheryl, this is an awesome mix of pets. All very different than the other one, but they all are a great fit.

  2. Sugar sure hit the foster jackpot when she came into your life. Can't wait to see who becomes your next four-legged guest. Wonderful photos.

  3. Awe, sounds like Sugar was a ray of sunshine. And kudos to you for doing such a great thing to foster a pup in need.

  4. Somehow, I think you, Willy and Mittens are going to have a Sugar withdrawal problem to deal with very soon :) I loved all of the pictures. You have such beautiful eyes Dawn.

    Thank you for sharing Sugar with us during her visit.