Tuesday, May 12, 2015

A Foster Dog and Her Sporn Harness

The Adorable Sugar 
Sugar, a wonderful dog I am fostering, is visiting us and getting settled in nicely. Her thoughtful owner sent her with a Sporn Harness. The harness has been amazingly easy to use and works so well that I'm considering getting one for my dog, Willy. If you are shopping for a harness for your dog, I highly recommend the Sporn by Yuppie Puppy.

Sporn Non Pull Mesh Harness Review

I've walked dogs with harnesses on occasion before. For example, my daughter-in-law used a harness for her small dog.  I don't know why, but I had a mental block with that particular harness and had trouble getting it on and off the dog. It was very frustrating to me and furthered my belief that dog harnesses are unnecessary.  But I don't have that problem with the Sporn harness at all. For some reason - perhaps the fleece covered straps - it is extremely easy to put on and take off the dog. The harness slips right on and the cord pulls tight to secure it.
Sporn Harness by Yuppie Puppy

It seems very well made and very comfortable for the dog. Two or three times Sugar suddenly decided she didn't like being attached to me and she fought against the harness very briefly. It stayed put and I was immediately relieved that she was not going to slip out and run away.

Why Use a Dog Harness?

I have never been a fan of the dog harness.  But now I see the benefit of using a harness. Especially with dogs like Willy (Treeing Feist) and Sugar (Rat Terrier).  With Feists, my concern has always been that their heads are very small. That makes backing out of a collar or slipping out and running away very easy.  I have used "choker chains" in the past, but they definitely aren't my preference.  

I currently use a PetSafe webbed collar that pulls tight on Willy without being a choker. It works very well for him most of the time. It tightens when he pulls so there's no chance of him slipping out of if if he were to fight against the collar. And when he's not pulling, it hangs loosely.  It has been an extremely good collar for him.
PetSafe Premiere Quick Snap Collar
The only time I have had seconds thoughts about using a collar with him is when we are in the woods when squirrels are running around.  He's a squirrel dog. He wants to chase squirrels. I'd love to let him every time. But I cannot let him off-leash at the local wooded areas.  Now that I've had experience with the Sporn Non Pull Harness, I think I'll get one for him for our walks in the woods to protect his poor neck.

I'll leave it to the experts to demonstrate the Sporn Harness. If you have a dog that pulls, or want an easy and reliable harness, check out what Yuppie Puppy has to offer. 


  1. Sugar is crazy cute!! We used a harness a lot like this one with my dog for years and years. Her original owner had taught her to shake so it was really easy to get her to "shake" her way into each of the loops. We loved it and it was comfortable for her!

    1. "shake" is a great way to get the harness on. Great idea.

  2. I always use harnesses. I hate to see them choke and have them strain their necks. I also have a seat belt harness for my babies. Gotta keep our furry friends safe too.

    1. I had never thought of a seat belt harness until my last trip home. I need to find a good one. Do you have a certain brand that you like?

  3. Sugar is so cute in her harness! I am thrilled that it works so well. It doesn't look like it would be as hot to wear as some that we tried in the past. Our goldie really gets overheated when walking, so the harnesses with a lot of material just make her suffer more. I'll have to look to see if there is a Sporn harness for larger dogs.

  4. My brother and SIL used a harness on their Boston Terrier when she was a puppy until she outgrew the size they had gotten. By then, she didn't need a harness any longer as she was well trained to walk on a leash. It was just at the beginning, while she was still in puppy-mode, that a harness helped control her. This looks like a good one.

  5. I like the flexibility of the Sporn harness you show here and the video is quite helpful! My dog Valentino gnawed on his old harness today and the nylon is unraveling on us so we need another one!