Monday, February 23, 2015

My Grandbaby is Crazy About Cars

Disney's Pixar Cars Movies
It is a wonderful thing to watch your grandchild grow and develop a personality. In an article in ReviewThis! I wrote about my current favorite book to read to my grandson during video calls.  I also briefly mention his love for Cars, especially Lightning McQueen. His love of all things Cars is so strong right now that I decided to review some of his favorite items.  

Disney's Pixar Cars - the Movie

It is clear that Cars is his favorite movie.  After Gramma reads to him on Skype, he gives his Lightning McQueen book to his father to read to the two of us. He shows Gramma at least one Cars belonging during every video call.  I knew that he loved the movie but didn't know exactly how much until my son and and I were interrupted by the baby, nearly two, stomping into view.  My son shook his head and laughed.  It seems that my grandbaby had carried off the Cars DVD a few days prior and he just happened to find it while we were chatting. His excitement was clear.  The baby was running in place, he was so happy.  The movie was put into the DVD player and my grandbaby crawled up onto the couch to watch - happy as a clam.

Die-cast Lightning McQueen

Lightning McQueen

During my recent visit to their home, the baby and I played with Lightning McQueen die-cast cars. Now, months later, the baby still shows Gramma this car during nearly every chat.  These cars are durable and they are over-sized, perfect for his little hands to hold.

Disney Cars Easy Reader Books

Read Aloud Board Book

My son has purchased several Cars books for my grandson.  They range from simple board books to a 150 page paperback collection of Step Into Reading stories.  If your grandbaby likes Lightning McQueen and friends, there will be an appropriate book.

Cars T-shirts for Toddlers

Toddler Boys t-shirt
This boy loves his Cars shirts.  He often points to the different cars printed on the front of the shirts.  There's Lightning McQueen, he will show me. And I clap my hands and smile as he rushes off to get something else to show me. 

As a long distance grandparent, I am not familiar with all of his likes and dislikes, but it is easy to see that any gift or item related to Lightning McQueen and Cars will be  hit.


  1. I can just see your grandson running in place as he showed you his Cars DVD! It is just wonderful that you are afforded the opportunity to keep in touch and form a bond with him, even if it must be from a distance. Bravo to the parents for encouraging this too!

    1. Oh my gosh, Ruth, it was priceless. He dances and runs in place in the exact same way. It's crazy cute.

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  3. Boys do love their cars and Disney Pixar cars, with their fun animation, make them truly entertaining for hours.

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